Ad is a Mii in Wii Sports, created by Teh Sweggurboi. He is a war specialist and wars are a way of life for him. Ad joined the army when he was 18 and since then he has been ascending miltary ranks in quick succession. Now, he is Lieutenant General, which is one of the highest ranks in the army. He has already fought in several wars, and he went to Wii Sports to keep himself in shape in times of peace. And he is in good shape, as he is a Boxing Pro. In Wii Play, he is (perhaps self-evident) the Tanks champion, and he is also one of the best at Shooting. Tanks is his favorite game though, as he sees it as a great exercise for the real wars he participates in, and the game looks as if it's actually made for Ad. The CPU tanks stand no chance to him, as well as his real opponents. Besides this all, he is also Pro in both Mario Kart Wii and Dream Race. He is fast and is especially good in eliminating opponents with bob-ombs and green or red shells. Because he is so captivated by warfare, he always wears army colors, even while he is playing sports.

Wii Sports

Ad has good eye-hand coordination and he is very tactful, because of his war experience. But he isn't a full time sports player because he regularly has to fulfill his military duty, so he has a worse skill level at most sports than he would have if he did more training and had more time. He wanted to focus on one sport from Wii Sports and that has become Boxing. But Ad is so athletic and talented, that he managed to become Boxing Pro, which is a great achievement, especially for him with his busy life. At all of the other four sports, he has a skill level of between approximately 250 and 400. In Tennis, he plays quite often with one of Joyce, Toos, Fleur and Martin, and in Baseball he throws balls at a remarkably high speed for an amateur with a level of only 393, and he has good reflexes as well, which help him to hit the ball better.

Tennis = 321
Baseball = 393
Bowling = 274
Golf = 256
Boxing = 1110 (PRO)

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