Addison is a fan mii for Switch Sports, She is Ranked #2 out of all the switch sports resort fan Miis. With only Justin being the only Mii thats better than her.

Switch Sports

She is in early pro class with 1021-1033 in Tennis. In Baseball she does good with 593-623 Points. In Swordplay, she is a pro with 1010-1015. In Boxing she has 1127-1180 Points.

Switch Sports Resort

She is one of the best Miis, she does better now. In Karate she is a pro with 1480-1485 (The 4th Best Player) In Table Tennis she is a pro with 1230-1235 Points. In Frisbee Golf she is a pro with 1300-1305 Points. And her teammate is Alex. She plays on Anne’s Team. She is a pro in Archery with 1200-1205 Points. She does better in baseball. She is now the 3rd best player and plays on the champions team.

She is an early pro class in Basketball with 1000-1005. And she doubles up with Xie and Gwen. She plays on Justin and Axel’s Team

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