DISCLAIMER: This is purely fanfiction. This level does not exist in the real Wii Party and Wii Party U.

Advanced Master Miis are the hardest level CPU Miis in New Wii Party and New Wii Party U in multiplayer mode and the second hardest level CPUs in single-player mode. These Miis are unlocked after winning a TV Party game against the Master Miis.


Wii Party:

&, Ahmed, Akira 2, Albert, Ay, Bomberman, Bus Driver Waluigi, Christina, DanielDark Lucía, Dave Ramsey, Donna, Dr. Goomba Stack, Ducar, Ella, Ellé, Error-Chan, Fatso, Funta, Gabuboi, Gold Mario, Guru Ant, Hassen, Herem, Herbomik, Hiker Wario, Ika, Jack, Jimmy Carter, Jippy, Jocelynn, Jolly, Juan Manuel, Kate, Katelyn, Ken the Doll, King, Luigi, Mario, Meromy, Miifault (Male), Misy, Motak, Nathan (2), Nellie, Opal, Paskom, Quixa, Rebecca, Rosalina, Satoru Iwata, Saxema, Silver Mario, Skylox, Steve, Taylor, Terry, Tiffany, Ttam, Two Faced, Val, Walrus, Waluigi, zxzxbeard

Wii Party U:

Aalla, Celeste, Christina, Dark Shiratori, DeluxeError-Chan, Freddy Fazbear, Frederick (2), Gold Mario, Guru Ant, Jolly, Juan Manuel, Luigi, Mario, Motak, Nathan (2), Rebecca, Sakura, Satoru Iwata, Saxema, Schatzo.3D, Shiratori, Silver Mario, Taylor, Technoblade Youtooz, Tixata, Wilbur Soot, Wilbur Soot Youtooz

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