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Aiken Is A CPU Mii.

Aiken is the second Basketball champion in Wii Sports Resort Advance. After you have beaten Jimmy, level up a bit more to play against Aiken. Aiken's team Is Cameron and Hecter.

Game: Wii Sports Resort Advance


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Short Clip Of Aiken

Aiken Loves The Colour Orange.

In Swordplay - Showdown, He Is The Boss Mii In Stage 61, Heartbreak Peak (Reverse).

Aiken Is Behind Cameron In Swordplay - Showdown In Stage 15, Red Gate Bridge.

Aiken Hardly Does Backspins in Table Tennis

Aiken, Phazghtion And Avakon Are The Only Mii's That Love The Colour Orange In Swordplay - Showdown Stage 2, Rocky Tunnel.