If your looking for the animal mii. Here is Aka (Animal Sports)

Aka is a CPU Mii.
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Shes the lost Sister of Midori, like Pinku.

Wii Sports Resort

Aka is almost a pro in Swordplay, her skill is 890.

Aka is so crazy in Table Tennis, her skill is 700.

Aka is medium in basketball, her skill is 426.

She makes sure you set off at the right time in Cycling.

Wii Party

In Wii Party, she's a Expert CPU skill.

Wii Music

In Wii Music, Aka is here.


Aka in Wii Music
In Japanese, the name is Aka and the favorite color is Red.

She is never a Pro

Aka is a Tsudere.

Aka's Japanese name is the same as her English name : あか

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