Albert is a CPU Mii.

Wii Sports Edit Edit

His level in Tennis is 1895 and plays with Nellie, Elisa, Sarah, or Fatso. His level in Baseball is 1500 and is the regular champion and plays with himself, Sakura, Nick, Miyu, Rita, Nellie, Misy, Pierre, and Takumi. His level in Boxing is 123.

Wii Sports Resort Edit

His level in Duel & Speed Slice is 1131

In Basketball, his level is 12635 and plays with Fatso and Saki.

In Table Tennis his level is 1212.

Levels Edit

Tennis: 1895

Baseball: 1500

Boxing: 123

Swordplay: 1131

Basketball: 12633

Table Tennis: 1212

Trivia Edit

He looks like Greg.