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Not to be confused with Alberto, Greg, or Gregory.

Albert is a CPU Mii.

Wii Sports

His level in Tennis is 12895 and doubles with Max.

His level in Baseball is 1450 to 1664 and plays with Nic, Cathy, Mario, Nellie, Juhon, Sakura, Nick, and Miyu. He appears on the teams of Nate, Akira 2, Christina, Zelda, Nathaniel Bandy, Luigi, Addy, and Enrique.

His level in Boxing is 12223.

Wii Sports Resort

His level in Swordplay Duel & Speed Slice is 12530. In Showdown he is the boss of Level 44.

In Basketball, his level is 12633 and plays with Suki and Fatso.

In Table Tennis his level is 12543.

In Cycling, he is good, placing 10th out of 98.

Wii Party

In Wii Party, Albert is an Advanced Master CPU.


  • He looks like Greg and Gregory.
  • Since he teams up with Fatso in Basketball, their names could be a pun on the show Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids by Bill Cosby.
    • Also, in Basketball, Albert is the first player to come after Fatso, but in Table Tennis, Fatso is the first player to come after Albert.
  • Baseball is the only sport in which his level is below 12000 in.
  • He is ranked #24 of the High Skill Miis in Wii Sports Resort, by Overall Skill Level.
    • Interestingly, he does worse in the Wii Sports Resort High Skill Mii rankings than Gregory. Gregory ranks #10 in the rankings.
  • He is the first to come up alphabetically of the High Skill Miis.