Not to be confused with Albert.

Alberto is a Mii from Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, and Wii Party.
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Wii Sports

His skill level in Tennis is 10 and he plays with Shouta or Joey. In Baseball, his skill level is 190. In Bowling, his skill level is 442 and his average is 150. In Golf, his skill level is 840 and his average is +4, and in Boxing, his skill level is 637.

Wii Sports Resort

His skill level in Swordplay is 164. In Basketball, his skill level is 0, and in Table Tennis, his skill level is 444..

Wii Party

Alberto is a Beginner CPU. His friend connection is 100 with Benjamin, 58 with Paskom, 42 with Joey, 76 with Giovanni, 78 with Orville, 100 with Sergio, 88 with Dwight, and 92 with Dominik.

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