Alder is a CPU from Wii Sports Club Resort.


In Boxing, he is OK, at level 567-600. In Tennis, he is a pro at level 1204-1250, and teams up mostly with Marcia, but sometimes with Hee-Jun. In Baseball, he is good, at level 652-680. In Swordplay, he is an Anti-Pro at level 980-1000. In Cycling, he is pretty far ahead at 24th. In Table Tennis, he is a Pro-Class beginner, at level 1000-1050. In Basketball, He's the beginner, or starter of basketball at level 10-14, and plays with Margo and Josh.


  • He’s very similar to Marc. They both have the same Eyes, Beards, Glasses, and Eyebrows. This does not confirm a relationship, though, because There are no confirmed relationships in Wii Sports Club Resort.
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