Alfred is a Mii that debuted in Wii Sports.

Wii Sports

In Wii Sports, Alfred is good, despite being old. His skill level in baseball is 9999. His skill level in tennis is 9989, and he plays with a clone of Nelly that he made. In boxing, his skill level is 1,254,679 and can knock you out with 1 1/2 punches.

Wii Sports Resort

In Wii Sports Resort, Alfred didn't change from being good. In table tennis, he has a skill of 135,222,448 and hits the ball at the speed of light. In basketball, he has a skill level of 99991, and he teams with robot clones of Lindsay and Matt (Dadpleaseno). In swordplay, he has a skill level of 99912.

Wii Party

In Wii Party, Alfred is an Expert Mii.


  • He is a scientist and has built robots of everyone on the island, including Guru Ant and Rebecca. They don't exactly match the original Mii's skill levels though. He also made robots of the bad Miis such as Cool Cat, but he has them rotting in storage.
  • He is good friends with Julies.
  • In the files for Miitopia, he is listed as Middle.
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