Title Alli
Gender Female
Favorite Color Green
Level Tennis: 10

Baseball: 3124 (PRO)

Boxing: 900-1000 (PRO)

Swordplay: 1486 (PRO)

Basketball: 9288 (PRO)

Table Tennis: 1012 (PRO)

Alli is a CPU Mii in Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort and Wii Party.

Wii Sports

In Tennis, her skill level is 10, and she doubles with Gary. In Baseball, her skill level is 3124. Her team consists of Motak, you're gum, Sal, Minato, Dot Face, Haxi and Gary. In Boxing, she has a skill level of 900-1000.

Wii Sports Resort

In Swordplay, her level is 1486. She is before Matt. She's also the boss of Level 5 in Swordplay Showdown. In Basketball, her skill level is 9288, and her team is Twex and Akira 2. In Table Tennis, her skill level is 1012.

Wii Party

In Wii Party, Alli is an Advanced Mii.


  • You can earn her badge for making 5 edits on "Female Miis" articles.
  • She has appeared in a handful of Wii Party U screenshots by robbieraeful on DeviantArt.
  • Her Japanese name is Ari.
  • She is Pro at everything except Tennis and sometimes Boxing.
  • She's American.
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