Not to be confused with Andrew, Andrés, Andy or Andy X.

Andre is a CPU Mii in Wii Sports Resort.

Wii Sports Resort

In Basketball, Andre has a skill level of 10000 Vigintillionbazilliongazillionsextillionquadrillionbillionmilliontrillion, and plays with Trevor or Baxter. In Table Tennis, he has a skill level of ∞² and has the Black Hole paddle. It sucks in all ping-pong balls making him undefeatable. He is in the game's code but is never played against, as he is past the level cap (Rebecca), and cannot be played against without breaking the game. And, as a bonus, playing versus Andre will corrupt your save file in the process. He trained Rebecca in every sport, however he is only in the files of Table Tennis as ∞² because of a "glitch" that made him literally omnipotent. He was never removed because Nintendo were too lazy to look through the game files, and because of that, people found out about Andre, and tried to beat him, losing all of their progress in the process.


-Andre was discovered by Alfrednolastname on the date of this page's creation when he was trying to make a new mii in Mii Studio.

-He isn't human, he's a God.

-He is Rebecca's father. (Possibly, not for sure.)

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