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''Andrew surpassed Sakura, his teacher. Andrew is the Baseball Champion.''

Andrew Duckworth
Title Baseball Champion (Wii Sports)
Gender Male
Favorite Color Blue
Level Tennis: 950-980

Baseball: 1243-1463 (Champion)

Tennis: 620-880

Swordplay: 961-965

Basketball: 601-605

Table Tennis: 661-665

Cycling: 5th out of 98th (PRO)

Average: 1000+]

Andrew Duckworth is a CPU Mii from Wii Sports. He is ranked #14 by his total skill level. He is tied with Shohei. But in the rankings, he is better than Sakura, and Ai. In Tennis, he is very good with a skill level of 950-980, making him the anti-champion. He doubles with Ashley, but occasionally with Sakura. In Baseball, he is a Champion with a skill level of 1243-1463. He surpassed Sakura, his teacher. His team consists Sakura, Nick, Miyu, David, Maria, Helen, Steve, and Pierre. In Boxing, he is good with 628-880. In Swordplay, he is almost a Pro with 961-965. He doesn't play Speed Slice. He is a Swordplay Showdown Boss in Stage 17. In Basketball, he is good with a skill level of 601-605. His team consists Sakura, and Rin In Table Tennis, he is not a Pro, but still a very good player, with 661-665. Andrew comes 5th in Cycling. By overall, Andrew is one of the best Miis. In Wii Party, he is a Master Mii. He also ranked #1 in the Solo Expert Mode list. His best pair is Andrew & Zorrito. His teammate in Balance Boat is Sakura. Andrew is in Master Difficulty.