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Wii Sports

In tennis she is a pro with a skill level of 1596. She plays with her twin sister Ethar (The Smash Sisters). In baseball, she is a pro. Arwa's team consists on her, Ethar, Mohamed, Ahmed, Faten, Moustafa, Areeg, Sabah, and Lamar. Her teammates are her family. In bowling, she is a pro, with a skill level of 1045. In golf she is not a pro, but she's great with a skill level of 986. She does not appear in Boxing.

Wii Sports Resort

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Wii Party

In Wii Party, Arwa is a Beginner Mii.

Wii sports club

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  • Her Arabian name is اروى.
  • Arwa and Ethar are twins, just like Alice and Barbara.
  • She is Egyptian.
  • Arwa is the only Beginner female Mii from Wii Party whose favorite color is pink.