Not to be confused with Nathaniel Bandy.

Bathaniel Nandy is a CPU Mii.

Wii Sports

In Tennis, Bathaniel Nandy's level is 58000. In Baseball, his level is 103030 and has a team of himself, Jocelynn, Northwest, Greg Heffley, Carl Wheezer, Meggy, Michael Tutori, and others. He appears on the teams of Jack, Ariella, Jon, Christine, Funta, Rasta, Sophie and Shane Dawson. In Boxing his level is -1704--1594.

Wii Sports Resort

In Basketball, his level is 8263 and plays with Tiffany and someone. In Table Tennis, his level is 11143. In Swordplay Duel and Speed Slice, Bathaniel Nandy's level is 10903.


  • He was based off of the YouTuber Bathaniel Nandy.
  • You can see him here.
  • His catchphrase is "Gamers, welcome to my boulders!"
    • He gets annoyed when Nathaniel Bandy calls the boulders rocks.
    • He had to move away from his boulders when there was construction done.
    • His boulders were turned into rocks, but a while ago, the rocks were cleared away. Now Bathaniel struggles to find new boulders.
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