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Height: 182 cm
Title Army Corporal


Gender Male
Favorite Color Red
Level Tennis: 750-805

Baseball: 1450-1575 (PRO)

Boxing: 1500-1575 (PRO)

Swordplay: 485-565

Basketball: 1115-1175 (PRO)

Table Tennis: 765-900

Cycling: 34th out of 98 (PRO)

Average: 957+

Total skill level: 7379 (Advanced)

Tennis (Wii Sports Club): Level 9

Baseball (Wii Sports Club): Level ☆10 (vice-champion)

Boxing (Wii Sports Club): Level ☆7

Billy is a Mii in Wii Sports (Resort), Wii Party (U) and Wii Sports Club. He is an Advanced Mii.


He has a honey hair. He has thick eyebrows, normal nose, smiling grin and a small beard.

Wii Sports

He is a PRO in Baseball and Boxing, excluding the Tennis (albeit more challenging to fight against). In Baseball, he will always perform underhand throws.

Wii Sports Resort

He is OK in Swordplay. He is very good in Table Tennis and is a PRO in Basketball and Cycling.

Wii Sports Club

He is quite good in Tennis, with a skill of lvl 9. He is a vice-champion in Baseball, with a skill of lvl ☆10. He is a PRO in Boxing, at lvl ☆7.

Wii Party

He is an Advanced Mii.

Wii Party U

He is an Advanced Mii.


  • Voice: Type 11, high
  • Outfit: Business suit and Special Forces Outfit
  • Role: Brawler and Gunner


  • In the files of Miitopia, he is listed as Young.
  • His country of origin is North America.
  • His skills never go below 750 in Wii Sports Wii games.
  • In Wii Music, he is seen playing bass drums.
  • He is one of the only select Miis with those eyebrows.


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