SuperFamily12 SuperFamily12 6 days ago


How to do the secret strike.


If you are left handed go on the left if you are right handed go on the right.

Then hold

and let go of it and make sure it stays on top of it as long as it can.

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YoungArtist79 YoungArtist79 19 days ago

STORY: Skip Gets Exposed on Facebook

This story is based on a real video:

Skip (Wii Sports Club) gets put on blast by his mom Clara (Wii Sports Club).

Skip: Oh God, a camcorder! What do you want me to do this time?

Clara: Go ahead and tell everyone what your name is.

Skip: Skip Martin...

Clara: No, speak up so everyone can hear you.

Skip: Skip Martin...

Clara: Okay, and how old are you?

Skip: 10...

Clara: You're 10. So why does your Facebook page say that you're 22?

Clara: Are you 22?

Skip: No.

Clara: No, you're 10, right?

Skip: Yes...

Clara: And are you a freak?

Skip: No, I'm not...

Clara: Does your Facebook page say you're a freak?

Skip: Yes, it does.

Clara: Do you even know anything about being a freak?

Skip: No.

Clara: Skip, you REALLY need to speak up.

Skip: No!

Clara: Did I just say speak up…

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SuperFamily12 SuperFamily12 9 February

Wii Party

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SuperFamily12 SuperFamily12 30 January

CPU Mii Rankings Support

  1. Theo
  2. Ai
  3. Eva
  4. Asami
  5. Helen
  6. Maria
  7. Sakura
  8. Pierre
  9. Shinnosuke
  10. Sota
  11. Nick
  12. Miyu
  13. Emily
  14. Fumiko
  15. Jackie
  16. Haru
  17. Keiko
  18. Mia
  19. Rin
  20. Takumi
  21. Andy
  22. Alex
  23. Gabi
  24. Ian
  25. James
  26. Abby
  27. Nelly
  28. Sarah
  29. Shouta
  30. Matt
  31. Hiroshi
  32. Tommy
  33. Vincenzo
  34. Yoko
  35. Takashi
  36. Silke
  37. David
  38. Alisha
  39. Rachel
  40. Misaki
  41. Steve
  42. Ursula
  43. Marisa
  44. Akira
  45. Daisuke
  46. Kathrin
  47. Michael
  48. Midori
  49. Shinta
  50. Pablo
  51. Elisa
  52. Hiromasa
  53. Susana
  54. Hayley
  55. Siobhan
  56. Shohei
  57. Saburo
  58. Tyrone
  59. Patrick
  60. Luca
  61. Miguel
  62. Chris
  63. Ryan
  64. Megan
  65. George
  66. Marco
  67. Emma
  68. Martin
  69. Gwen
  70. Eduardo
  71. Hiromi
  72. Fritz
  73. Oscar
  74. Eddy
  75. Steph
  76. Barbara
  77. Rainer
  78. Tomoko
  79. Cole
  80. Gabriele
  81. Giovanna
  82. Jessie
  83. Julie
  84. Jake
  85. Ashley
  86. Greg
  87. Yoshi
  88. Abe
  89. Holly
  90. Lucia
  91. Sandra
  92. Anna
  93. Victor
  94. Stephanie
  95. Chika
  96. Ren
  97. Mike
  98. Naomi
  99. Kentaro
  100. Tatsuaki
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SuperFamily12 SuperFamily12 25 January

How to turn the Tennis court blue



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SuperFamily12 SuperFamily12 6 January

Wii Sports

My Miis are going to play Wii Sports

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YoungArtist79 YoungArtist79 6 January

Teen Big Brother- Team America Mission Vote

The members are being determined after many votes!

Now, you can determine the missions in Team America, with this form!

Choose wisely, the missions will impact the sim.

Do it here.

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SuperFamily12 SuperFamily12 5 January

Miis that I made

These are the miis that I made.

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SuperFamily12 SuperFamily12 5 January

Wii Sports training

My Miis are going to train sports.

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IAmAwesome2 IAmAwesome2 2 January

About my parents and activity on FANDOM

My computer is poisoned.

I do not know when, but my parents installed some computer tracking software on my computer a while ago. So they can track what sites I am on. Until my issues with them are resolved, I will taking a momentary break from FANDOM. Just wanted to let everyone know that. Acting head admin is Dadpleaseno, contact him if you have any issues. You can also contact YoungArtist79 as well.

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YoungArtist79 YoungArtist79 25 December 2020

Mii BrantSteele is BACK! Teen Big Brother

Watch the trailer here.

Did you like Total Drama Island? Well, I am hosting a Big Brother BrantSteele sim, with 16 teenagers competing. There are two main twists.

  • Battle of the Block: Two HOHs will be crowned; each HOH nominated two HouseGuests for eviction. The nominated HouseGuests battled for safety in the Battle of the Block competition where the winning pair was safe and the HOH who nominated them was dethroned.
  • Team America- YOU get to impact it by voting on 3 Miis to form a secret alliance called Team America where they will do secret missions! After the three members are determined, you will vote on the missions!
    • To determine the three to vote into the alliance, by reading their bios, found here.
      • Once you have read them, answer in this fo…
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YoungArtist79 YoungArtist79 24 November 2020

I can mod Wii Sports Now!

So, I recently figured out how to mod Wii Sports, by using an app called SZS. What I did was put my own CPU Miis in Wii Sports, and was able to adjust their skills to my liking. However, not all Miis look perfect, so until they do, I will not provide a way to play the mod, so you won't keep having to reinstall it.

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IAmAwesome2 IAmAwesome2 19 November 2020

Wii Sports Resort Custom CPU Mii Mod is Out!

My Miis Wiki, Wii Sports Resort: The Next Generation is out!

Download here:

Trivia about the mod can be found here.

Some of the custom CPU Miis come from this mod:!  Also check out that link if you are wondering about how to install the mod; just replace "Wii Sports" with "Wii Sports Resort"

Big thanks to HEYimHeroic for providing the Wii Sports Resort documentation and answering my (somewhat) stupid questions on this topic.

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IAmAwesome2 IAmAwesome2 17 November 2020

Wii Sports Custom CPU Mii mod is out!

My Miis Wiki, the mod is out!


Big thanks to HEYimHeroic for providing the Wii Sports documentation and helping me create a Riivolution XML.

WARNING: I only think it's compatible with US versions only...

Info and trivia about the game here.

To play the mod, follow this guide:

For all steps, you'll need access to a PC.

To play this mod on a real Wii or Wii U, with a real Wii Sports disc (US), follow this guide . it's written for a New Super Mario Bros. Wii mod called Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii, but the process is exactly the same. just replace "NSMBW disc" with "Wii Sports disc" and replace the download for their mod ("click the spinning item roulette block!") with the download …

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Robertojaralenoexe Robertojaralenoexe 16 November 2020

zalgo mode

the text becomes zalgo text

every male mii you fight against(except kienian, roberto jaraleno, aiden leahy and matt(wii)) becomes Guest A

every female mii becomes extremely distorted

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King LF5 King LF5 5 November 2020

I am bored

give me ideas.


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Robertojaralenoexe Robertojaralenoexe 26 October 2020

Something about miis

comment if 

1.  You like elisa

2. you have a nintendo switch 

3. if you have played Among Us

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SuperStar Channel SuperStar Channel 18 October 2020

My Friends Of Wii Sports Club

My Friends Of Wii Sports Club.

  • Hyun-ok
  • Nam-gi
  • Hee-young
  • Ping-Ping
  • Zi-Lan
  • Xiao-Sheng
  • Xing
  • Shie
  • Yuka
  • Arisu
  • Briana
  • Gilana
  • Jenny
  • Marcus
  • Matilda
  • Carl
  • Winnie
  • Simon
  • Eduarda
  • Claude
  • Marzia
  • Giuliano
  • Marike
  • Jozefien
  • Eneida
  • Cristian
  • Julien
  • Mariano
  • Emil
  • Polina
  • Ji-hoon
  • Se-young
  • Hyun-woo
  • Na-rae
  • Hee-joon
  • Pian-Pian
  • Cheng-Han
  • Zi-Kai
  • Bo-Jia
  • Xiao-Tong
  • Jialan
  • Xixi
  • Yuehua
  • Yunyun
  • Jianjun
  • Sho
  • Akira
  • Yuya
  • Mizuho
  • Haruka
  • Alice
  • Barry
  • Bruce
  • Guillermo
  • John
  • Marie
  • Matt
  • Clara
  • William
  • Erick
  • Susie
  • Eduardo
  • Laura
  • Sara
  • Claudia
  • Massimo
  • Giulia
  • Barbara
  • Mark
  • Marit
  • Joost
  • Enrique
  • Cristina
  • Araceli
  • Sophia
  • Faustine
  • Maria
  • Rui
  • Elena
  • Pavel
  • Keiko
  • Luca
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SuperStar Channel SuperStar Channel 11 October 2020

My Favorite Genderswap Wii Sports Club Miis

My Favorite Genderswap Wii Sports Club Miis.

Based On Genderswap Wii Sports Club Miis.

  • Hyun-ok
  • Nam-gi
  • Hee-young
  • Ping-Ping
  • Zi-Lan
  • Xiao-Sheng
  • Xing
  • Shie
  • Yuka
  • Arisu
  • Briana
  • Gilana
  • Jenny
  • Marcus
  • Matilda
  • Carl
  • Winnie
  • Simon
  • Eduarda
  • Claude
  • Marzia
  • Giuliano
  • Marike
  • Jozefien
  • Eneida
  • Cristian
  • Julien
  • Mariano
  • Emil
  • Polina
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SuperStar Channel SuperStar Channel 22 November 2020

Genderswap Wii Sports Club Miis

Genderswap Wii Sports Club Miis. This was made by Végégon on the Wii Sports Wiki.

  • Female Ji-hoon Jin-ah
  • Male Se-young Seung
  • Male Mi-sun Min
  • Female Hyun-woo Hyun-ok
  • Male Na-rae Nam-gi
  • Female Hee-joon Hee-young
  • Male Jin-ah Jin
  • Male Pian-Pian Ping-Ping
  • Female Rui-Lin Renxiang
  • Female Cheng-Han Chenguang
  • Female Zi-Kai Zi-Lan
  • Female Bo-Jia Baozhai
  • Female Xue-Ren Xue-Rou
  • Male Shu-Hui Shunyuan
  • Male Xiao-Tong Xiao-Sheng
  • Female Xiaojian Xiaolian
  • Female Bowen Bo
  • Male Jialan Jaw-Long
  • Male Xixi Xing
  • Male Yuehua You
  • Male Yunyun Yuanjun
  • Male Xiuping
  • Female Haixiang
  • Female Jianjun Jiaying
  • Female Kentaro Keiko
  • Female Sho Shie
  • Male Masako Masashi
  • Female Akira Arisu
  • Female Yuya Yuka
  • Male Mitsu Matsu
  • Female Kazuhiko Kazumi
  • Male Hiromi Hiroki
  • Male Mizuho Michihiro
  • Male Rie Ren
  • Female Daisuke Da…
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9I796T66 9I796T66 29 September 2020

Just say no to Drugs.

Guys, don’t be afraid to say no! Anyone who asks you to use drugs is not your friend. Drugs can and will kill you. Don’t be afraid to turn to your priest, your minister, your rabbi, your moms, your dads, or your teachers, because drugs can kill you. And if you do drugs, you go to hell before you die. Just say no! Stop It! Get some Help! Please and Thank You. :)

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MaiLightApple MaiLightApple 26 September 2020

I'm excited :)

Since I've seen the Wii Sports Miis on the actual Wiki, I've been thinking so much about my own Miis, and I've had inspiration from most actual CPU Miis! I'm happy that this Wiki came in hand! Though there might be some memes involved, I might do that sometimes, but I'll add some of my Actual CPU Miis!

Thank you.

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9I796T66 9I796T66 24 September 2020

Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Baseball Scene (Wii Sports Style)

This was based on the Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Baseball Scene:

[It was night time and the lights around the baseball field are turned on. Nick walks onto the grass and looks around]

Nick: Oh! So cool...

[He sees the baseball equipment, unprotected and ready to use]

Nick: Bottom of the ninth, tie the score, and exactly who you want at the plate with the game on the line: Nick!

[He switches position. Nick's now the pitcher]

Nick: But staring him down from the pitcher's mound is the most fearsome southpaw in Wuhu: also Nick.

[Back as the batter]

Nick: Okay. Focus, Nick… If you win this game, you'll be the most beloved Mii in Wuhu.

[Another swap, as one of the team players, he slaps on his cheeks, lets out so…

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Robertojaralenoexe Robertojaralenoexe 12 September 2020




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9I796T66 9I796T66 8 September 2020

Nick Sez: Smoking isn't Cool

[Abby was walking around Wuhu Island when she sees a box of smokes on the ground. Tatsuaki grabs the smokes]

Tatsuaki: Gimmie my smokes!

Abby: Smoking's bad for you, ya know.

Tatsuaki: No it's not! Try it!

[Tatsuaki was about to hand Abby a smoke when suddenly, Nick appears]

Nick: Whoa, little sis! That smoke will make you choke!

Tatsuaki: It doesn't make me... 

[The cigar falls inside Tatsuaki’s mouth. Tatsuaki gags and turns pale]

Nick: Smoking is for dumb miis! It's bad for your health, and it stains your teeth! So don't be a fool, smoking isn't cool!

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9I796T66 9I796T66 8 September 2020

Nick Sez: Premise

Nick: Kids, there's nothing cooler than being hugged by someone you like, but if someone tries to touch you in a place or in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable, that's no good! It's your body! No one has the right to touch you if you don't want them to! So what do you do? First, you say no, then you get outta there! Most importantly, you gotta tell someone you trust, like your parents, your teacher, or a police officer.

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9I796T66 9I796T66 8 September 2020

Nick teaches Oscar about Food.

[Nick carries a small bundle of gourmet foodstuffs from the kitchen] Nick: Hey, I brought you something to...

[Sees Oscar eating garbage] 


[Oscar does, shamed] 

Nick: [Sighs] I have got to teach you about food. Close your eyes.

[Oscar closes his eyes. Nick holds out a piece of cheese] 

Nick: Now take a bite of this...

[Oscar snarfs the cheese. Horrified, Nick scolds him like a bad pet] 

Nick: No, no, no! Don't just hork it down!

Oscar: Too late.

[Annoyed, Nick hands him another piece of cheese. Oscar eats it, this time more carefully]

Nick: Chew it slowly... think only about the taste. See?

[A vague, grayish blob half-forms above his head. It moves to undefined music as Oscar struggles to experience …

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9I796T66 9I796T66 7 September 2020

Nick is Speed

Nick: Okay, here we go. Focus. Speed. I am speed. 9 winners, 9 losers. I eat losers for breakfast. Breakfast? Maybe I should've had breakfast? Brekkie could be good for me. No, no, no, stay focused. Speed. I'm faster than fast, quicker than quick. I am Nick.

Sakura: Hey, Nick! You ready?

Nick: Oh yeah. Nick is ready.

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Robertojaralenoexe Robertojaralenoexe 7 September 2020

Wii Sports Resort/Wii Party AU

  • 1 Keiko's family
  • 2 =Keiko
  • 3 the dolt family
    • 3.1 Ryan
  • 4 The Wentworth Family
    • 4.1 Matt
    • 4.2 Ai
  • 5 The peterson family
    • 5.1 Matt
    • 5.2 Lucía
    • 5.3 Mille
  • 6 the Watson family


height:206 cm(6'9")

weight:313 lbs


Height:182 cm(5'11")

Weight:143 lbs


Height:189 cm(6'2")


height:161 cm(5'3")


height:155 cm(5'1")

Nick(the oldest)

Cory(nick's inentical twin brother)

Abby(the youngest child)

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Del-San655 Del-San655 18 August 2020

This wiki be like

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IAmAwesome2 IAmAwesome2 12 August 2020

I found this duplicate wiki It was created by RobloxRulesEst2019.

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YoungArtist79 YoungArtist79 1 August 2020

Tomodachi Citra?

I got Tomodachi Life to work on Citra! Now I can play Tomodachi Life on my PC!

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Great Soup! Great Soup! 21 July 2020

Tier List, 'cuz why the F not?

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YoungArtist79 YoungArtist79 15 July 2020

3 Miis. Before and After a "Touch-up" Edit

So, I decided to touch-up 3 Miis. Fredrika, Olivia, and Lily (then known as Lilly). Fredrika looked like a LIZARD, and Olivia and Lily looked bland and simple. Here are their new appearances.

So, what do you think of the touch-ups? Let me know in the comments below!

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YoungArtist79 YoungArtist79 14 July 2020

Story: Dunbar Gets Put in Check for Bullying Sophia

This story is actually based on a real video: (WARNING: EXPLICIT LANGUAGE)

Dunbar: Dad, why do you have that camcorder?
Bruce: Oh Dunbar, you’ll see...
Bruce: How was your day at school today?
Dunbar: Good...
Bruce: It was good? What happened at school today?
Dunbar: Nothing...
Bruce: Nothing, you sure?
Dunbar: Yes!
Bruce: Who the hell were you bullying today?
Dunbar: Huh?
Bruce: Well, who the hell were you bullying?
Dunbar: This girl that rides my bus!
Bruce: Why
Dunbar: She accidentally bumped into me this morning!
Bruce: She bumped into you this morning!
Dunbar: Ooh yes!
Bruce: You know I know when you’re lying right?
Dunbar: She bumped into her, so I called her a b**** w****. She went and told on me.
Bruce: So …

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Penny The Nerd Penny The Nerd 25 June 2020

What’s up with this place

People are being weird. And making weird Miis. Making impossible Miis, and literally being lazy with Miis 

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YoungArtist79 YoungArtist79 24 June 2020

My Series- Welcome to the House

So, sooner or later, I will be making and releasing a comics series, which is a spoof of Big Brother, Welcome to the House. 13 teenage contestants compete to win $1M, in 10 episodes. Each episode, someone is eliminated, until the Final 3 remain, and the jury of contestants (10th place-4th place) will vote on who deserves to win. In the future, a video on the characters will be released.

  • HOSTS:
    • Penguin: The show's host. Excitable, fickle, but cowardly and unused to adressing problems on the show.
    • Alien: Manipulative, persuasive, immoral in the game, "not here to make friends"
    • Ant: Screws up a lot, unconfident, but could be a contender.
    • Beary: Has a sad backstory on how his former friend killed his mom, so he is very antisocial, stubb…

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MattDadpleaseno MattDadpleaseno 26 days ago

Miis I've made

Here's a list of Miis that I've made. I will continue to add Miis as I make them.

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Hilvi Haslbäck Hilvi Haslbäck 4 May 2020

Your Opinion about my Tomodachi Life Kids/Parents

It appears my Tomodachi Life Island ("Haslbäck") has reached 100 residents, but it doesn't mean I can't stop updating.

From now on, I would love to see your opinion about my Tomodachi Life kids (maybe parents too).

First, see this blog from yourself and post some comments from here or from this blog.

Another thing, don't let me keep waiting, because, as I mentioned earlier, I would love to see your opinion.

And that's alright to post your Tomodachi Life babys (and parents). Please only in your comments, not in this blog here. Then we'll jugde your Tomodachi Life images.

That's all, thank you for reading.

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Marioluigifan341 Marioluigifan341 5 March

My Tomodachi life couples! (REMADE)

Here are my current couples on my Tomodachi Life island. The island name is called Robot Island btw. I’ll include the babies/children on my island too!

Nickolas (Me) x Rie [Married]

  • Children: Liam

Winnie the Pooh x Rosalina [Married]

  • Children:

Matt (WS) x Princess Peach [Married] (My Mii lookalike decided to set Matt up with Peach and it was a success!)

  • Children:

Princess Daisy x K.K. Slider [Married] (Wasn’t expecting that one)

Eva x Donkey Kong (I think they might propose soon!)

Zelda x Tommy (Both of them are Outgoing Leaders, but for some reason, they cannot get along, I think they might break up soon...)

Harry Potter x Abby (I feel like Abby should propose to Harry Potter)

Isabelle x Bowser (It was a setup by Jigglypuff, she nailed it!)

Asgore x …

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Marioluigifan341 Marioluigifan341 5 March

List of babies and children in my Tomodachi Life island.

(THIS IS AN OUTDATED POST) Here is my list of children born on my island so far.

Molly (Me and Lucía’s baby girl) (Confident Adventurer)

Ethan (Isabelle and K.K. Slider’s baby (or puppy) boy) Easygoing Softie

Families with confirmed babies but haven’t been born yet:

Bowser x Zelda

Two Faced x T.Rex

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IAmAwesome2 IAmAwesome2 27 April 2020

If SMG4 Characters were Alignments

(I know this is unrelated to Miis, but I wanted to put this here anyway) Add your own opinions here!

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YoungArtist79 YoungArtist79 27 April 2020

Miitopia: After the Darkest Lord

I beat the Darkest Lord, and now have to beat the ToD, earn all medals, and complete my journal. Also, I made EVEN MORE miis, which will be revealed later.

  • 1 What has happened
  • 2 How to Cast a Mii
  • 3 Roles
  • 4 Miis you can cast as travelers, or additional party members

  • All 65 Miis are now on Mii Central, an can be used in your playthrough if you turn on SpotPass.
  • Cara, a theif, saw what Avril, the hero did, and lent Avril her strength.
  • Cathleen (My Aunt), and Kate also joined the party.
  • Unlocked Vampire class
  • Explored New Lumos and Galados Isle
  • Met Sofia, a scholorly pioneer.

  • TRAVELER: Personality, and quest type (4 types: Low Level (Lv. 20-29), Mid Level (Lv. 30-39), High Level (Lv. 40-49), Elite Level (Lv. 50)
  • ABDUCTED/LOST FRIEND: Simply state they are an …

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Marioluigifan341 Marioluigifan341 5 March

My Tomodachi Life couples!

I started a new Tomodachi Life save file and my couples are very different. So here are the couples so far on my island. Will be updated constantly. (Also, I’ll add the babies and children galleries in this blog post too. When they grow up, I’ll add their individual Mii pages.)

Nickolas (Me) x Lucía [Married] (Yeah, I have a crush on her too. I have a crush on some of the cute female CPU Miis. Not just Rie...I feel like a jerk...) Children: Molly

Isabelle x K.K. Slider [Married] (Idk why, but I ship this Animal Crossing couple) Children: Ethan

Waluigi x Elisa (A strange couple for sure. But their relationship isn’t good as of right now.)

Bowser x Zelda [Married] (Lol, another oddball couple. It happens quite often in my islands.)

David (WS) x …

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Marioluigifan341 Marioluigifan341 5 March

My 1st blog?

I created this page so I can get Daisuke’s badge lol.

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MattDadpleaseno MattDadpleaseno 26 days ago

Miitopia roles- Idea by YA79

I started a new Miitopia run, and I wanted people to select the roles for me! Say who you want in the comments.

(I got the idea from YoungArtist79 , credit to him)

If a Mii has this next to their name: (CASTED) That means they have already been chosen for a role. 

Miis and avalible roles are below. Taken roles and whoever took them are below as well.

You can pick however many Miis you want.

None- All Roles Taken! (uncasted Miis will be part of pre DL and post DL Traveler's Hub quests)

Main Hero: Sakurai (Cool Popstar/Chef/Warrior)

Sarcastic Guy: Mii Swordfighter

Greenhorne team: Schlatt (Stubborn Cleric), North (Energetic Mage), Charlie (Cautious Thief)

Neksdor team: East (Airheaded Cat), Simon (Cautious Scientist), Brent (Cool Imp)

Realm of the Fey…

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YoungArtist79 YoungArtist79 15 April 2020

Miitopia Casting- 65 New Miis

So, I'm doing a playthrough of Miitopia, and have 65 new Miis made who can play the roles. The Miis are listed below. Comment to suggest a role, if suggesting a playable Mii, please state their class and trait as well. First come, first served.

As said before, comment to assign any of my 65 Miis to Roles!

I posted most of them to Mii Central. Their skill is usually marked as "sports". Find them there!

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Salty saint Salty saint 8 April 2020

1st article made. Ever.

Yay *doot doot*

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YoungArtist79 YoungArtist79 6 April 2020

Mii Tier Lists

You can rank my Miis here with these tier lists. Screenshot the rankings and share them in the comments.

Group A:

Group B:

Group C:

Group D:

Hope you enjoy gettin 'em ranked!

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YoungArtist79 YoungArtist79 30 March 2020

Mii Full Body Videos.

Videos of my Wii U Miis, with full bodies are in the videos of 3 parts.

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