Not to be confused with Karen.

Caren is a fan mii of Switch Sports. his total skill level is 3,717

Switch Sports 

In Tennis he is sometimes a pro with 980-1000 Points. In Baseball he is good with 501-592 Points. In Swordplay he is an Early Pro Class with 1010-1015. In Boxing He is the second pro with 1040-1110.

Switch Sports Resort

He doesn’t do well in Switch Sports Resort. In Karate he isnt good 20-25 (The 3rd Player). He does good in table tennis with 780-785 points. In Basketball he is okay with 450-455 Points and doubles up with Yoren and Ieno. He plays on Hass and Jack’s Team. He does good in archery with 500-505 Points. In Frisbee Golf he isn’t bad but average with 395-400 and doubles up with Johnny and plays on Johnathan’s Team. He is a pro in cycling. Coming 8th out of 95.

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