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Title Swordplay Showdown Forty-Ninth Boss
Gender Female
Favorite Color Black
Level Tennis (New Wii Sports): 1500 (PRO)

Baseball (New Wii Sports): 1590 to 1660 (PRO)

Boxing (New Wii Sports): 948 to 975

Swordplay: 1200 (PRO)

Basketball: 3218 (Super Star Pro)

Table Tennis: 2728 (Superstar)

Tennis (New Wii Sports Club): Level ★1

Baseball (New Wii Sports Club): Level ★3

Boxing (New Wii Sports Club): Level ★2

Christina is a CPU Mii from Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, Wii Sports Club, Wii Party and Wii Party U. Her Overall Skill Level is 1872.08.

Wii Sports

In Tennis, her skill level is 1500 and it's PRO skill level. She teams up with Carl or Mario.

In Baseball, her skill level is 1590 to 1660 and it's also a PRO skill level. Her team is Akira 2, Nate, Albert, Nic, Cathy, Mario, Nellie, and Juhon.

In Boxing, her skill level is 948 to 975 and she is not Pro but she is still good.

Wii Sports Resort

In Swordplay, her skill level is 1200. She is also the boss of Level 49 in Swordplay Showdown.

Her skill level in Basketball is 3218 and her team is Jack and beef boss.

In Table Tennis, her skill level is 2728.

Wii Sports Club

In Tennis, her grade is ★1.

In Baseball, her grade is ★3.

In Boxing, her grade is ★2.

Wii Party

In Wii Party, her skill is Advanced Master.

Wii Party U

In Wii Party U, her skill is also Advanced Master.

Wii Music

In Wii Music, she has a different hairstyle and eyebrows and her favorite color is Yellow. Her name is Millie. She also plays the ukulele.


  • Her Japanese name is Richinā (りちなあ).
  • Her Wii Music Japanese name is Mirī (ミリー).
  • Christina can be sometime(s) seen in Wii Music playing instruments.
  • She is Pro in all sports except Boxing in New Wii Sports.
  • In the files of Miitopia, she is listed as Young.