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Cool Cat is the absolute worst CPU Mii ever in the history of Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort and Wii Sports Club. Cool Cat can be faced in any sport. However, he is the absolute worst CPU, and is so easy to defeat that even a person who doesn't know what a Wii is, let alone electricity, can defeat him. If you face against him in a sport, it means that you suck so bad at Wii Sports/Wii Sports Resort, your level is a negative number less than negative one googol! His skill level in all sports in all games is negative infinity (-∞).

Wii Sports

In all sports, he is the worst opponent; there are no other Miis worse than him.

In Tennis, all his shots go out of bounds. He doubles with Daddy Derek, who has a skill level of -∞.

In Baseball, the fastest pitches he throws are 0.00000001 mile per hour "fast"balls, and his team never catches the ball. His team always swings at balls and misses them. The members of his Baseball team are himself, Daddy Derek, Momma Cat, Maria, Madison, Mason (also known as Logan), Gary, Elmo, and Maxmillian. He appears on Maxmillian's, FGTeev Duddy's, Dolly the Cat's, 6ix9ine's, and Kim Kardashian's teams as a teammate. If you face against him in Baseball, the chances of you getting 99 consecutive home runs are 100%, assuming you hit the ball every single time.

In Bowling, his best score is 0 points.

In Golf, his score in 3- and 9-Hole is +∞.

In Boxing, he has his arms up the entire time, so you can punch him easily. This is the only sport where he has comparable skill (as in strategy, not level) to some CPU Miis, (e.g., Ryan). However, it takes the player only one punch to knock him out.

Wii Sports Resort

His skill level in all sports is -∞.

In Swordplay, if his swings hit you, they produce so much recoil that he falls into the water in just one hit.

In Basketball, his team is Daddy Derek and Maria. His team never swaps the ball away, misses all their shots, and never jumps. He also appears on Maxmillian's team as a teammate.

In Table Tennis, all his shots go out of bounds.

Wii Sports Club

In all sports, his Grade is -∞.

In Tennis, he doubles with Daddy Derek.

In Baseball the members who are always on his team are Daddy Derek, Momma Cat, Maria, Madison, and Mason (also known as Logan). Sometimes Pit, Olga, Hee-joon, and others will appear on his team.

Wii Party/Wii Party U

In Wii Party and Wii Party U, Cool Cat is an Absolute Beginner Mii. He always gets 4th place in every minigame and overall is just bad.

Best Wii Party

He is an Extreme Master Mii. This is the hardest difficulty in this game.


  • He is based off of Cool Cat from the movie Cool Cat Saves the Kids.
  • His father is Daddy Derek.
  • His mother is Momma Cat.
  • His best friend is Maria.
  • He has a crush on Dolly the Cat.
  • The Miis with the opposite of his skills are Rebecca and Guru Ant.
  • If you beat Cool Cat in a sport and have already faced Guru Ant in the same sport, your skill level will increase 2x103057 in skill.
  • He is only good in Best Wii Party. Ironically, he is the worst at every other Wii Sports and Wii Sports game.