"Corrin" redirects here, for the mii who has the same name in Wii Play, go to Daniel.

Title Tennis Vice Champion

Cycling Vice Beginner

Swordplay Plus 48th Boss

Gender Male
Favorite Color White
Level Tennis: 1800 (PRO)

Baseball: 1090+ (PRO)

Boxing: 1100+ (PRO)

Swordplay: 990

Basketball: 150+

Table Tennis: 96+

Cycling: 97th out of 99th

Corrin is a CPU Mii.

Wii Sports

In Tennis, he is a PRO with a level of 1800. In Baseball, his level is 1090. In Boxing his level is 1100.

Wii Sports Resort

In Swordplay, his level is 990. He is the boss of Level 48 in Showdown. In Basketball, his level is 150. In Table Tennis his level is 96. He is bad at Cycling, coming 97th out of 99.


  • He and Veena are the only Miis to be a Pro in all sports in Wii Sports, but to not be a Pro in any sports in Wii Sports Resort.
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