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Curtis is a Mii that debuted in Wii Sports.

Wii Sports

In tennis, Curtis is okay with a skill level of 4900-5000. He pairs with Brent. In baseball, he is bad with a skil level of -1. In boxing he is ok with a skill of 999.

Wii Sports Resort

In basketball, he teams with himself and has a skill level of 2. In table tennis, he has a skill level of 4899. In swordplay, he has a skill of 324345253552453.


  • He lost a swordplay tournament to Brent once.
  • He is one of few Miis to have a hat, the others being  LuigiAngusWarioWaluigi, Mario, Colin SJoeyMisy, and Dominik.
  • He was made using the Look-a-like generator on the Wii.
  • In the files for Miitopia, he is grouped as Young.


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