For the Mii who has the same name as him in Wii Play, see Corrin.

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Title Basketball Rules Champion
Gender Male
Favorite Color Yellow
Level Table Tennis: 918-1002 (sometimes PRO)

Basketball: 3100 (Champion)

Cycling: 44th out of 98 (PRO)

Swordplay: 1105 (PRO)

Daniel is a Mii in Wii Sports Resort and Wii Party.

Wii Sports Resort

Daniel is a sometimes Pro in Table Tennis, with a level of 918-1002.  In Basketball his level is 3100 and plays with Mariana and Lucario. He is a champion in Basketball and uses a Purple Ball. In Cycling is on the 44th place. In Swordplay, he is also a Pro, and has a level of 1105.

Wii Party

He is a Advanced Master CPU

Wii Music

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  • His Japanse name is Danieru.
  • He, Ugly Fruit, and Lucario are the only WSR newcomers that are RobloxRulesEst2019's Miis to be Pros in all sports.
  • His Wii Play name is Corrin.
  • His Japanese name in Wii Play is Korin.
  • Before WSC, Daniel had only appeared in only one Wii Sports game, which was WSR, like WSR newcomers and WSC newcomers.
  • Daniel is RobloxRulesEst2019's personal mii.


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