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Height: 160 cm
Title None
Gender Female
Favorite Color Lime
Level Tennis: 1015-1080 (PRO)

Baseball: 300-410

Boxing: Unknown

Swordplay: 560-655

Basketball: 120-195

Table Tennis: 885-950

Cycling: 45th out of 98 (PRO)

Average: 711+

Total skill level: 3923 (Standard)

Tennis (Wii Sports Club): Level ☆3

Baseball (Wii Sports Club): Level 7

Boxing (Wii Sports Club): Level ☆1

Dorothy is a Mii in Wii Sports (Resort), Wii Party, Wii Sports Club and Party U. She is a Standard Mii.


She has a brown short hair, fair skin, brown eyes, reddish-orange blush, mouth and a small U-shaped nose.

Wii Sports

She is a PRO in Tennis, but is below-average in Baseball. She does not play boxing.

Wii Sports Resort

She is OK in Swordplay and is a PRO in Cycling, but is on the other hand very bad in Basketball. She is quite challenging in Table Tennis even though she is not a PRO in that sport.

Wii Sports Club

She is a PRO in Tennis and Boxing. While not as such in Baseball, she is nevertheless quite good there.

Wii Party

She is a Standard Mii.

Wii Party U

She is a Standard Mii.


  • Voice: Type 6, normal
  • Outfit(s): Business outfit
  • Role(s): Brawler and Swordfighter


  • According to internal data, her country of origin is Japan.
  • In the files of Miitopia, she is listed as Young.
  • She is an only Japanese Mii who had an English name as her default name.
  • Her English name originates from the Ancient Greek fictional goddess Dorothea.


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