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Not to be confused with Elisa or Elise.

Elias is a mii in Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, and Wii Party.

Wii Sports

In tennis, Elias is a Superstar with a skill level of 2016! He is really hard to beat, even harder than Elisa and Sarah! His Teammate is Always Elisa.

In baseball however, his skill level drops a lot, but is still really good with a level of 942 and his teammates are Sarah, Saburo, Theo, Shouta, Victor, Eva, Jackie, and Michael and plays on teams of Emily to Helen.

In boxing, his skill level drops again but still good with a level of 766.

Wii Sports Resort

In swordplay duel, he is really defensive and strikes extremely often with a skill level of 2500. Harder than Matt. However, in speed slice, he isn't a pro but still pretty good with a skill level of 692. In swordplay showdown however, he is yet again, very defensive and strikes extremely often and attacks right after you stop blocking he defends himself even when you stun him. He is also one of the final bosses and is surrounded with black armors like Elisa and Akira. It is best if you get him with 3 hearts. Again, harder than Matt,

In Basketball, he is a top pro at a skill level of 1483, and his teammates are Eva and Tyrone.

In Table Tennis, he is one of the best with a skill level of 1496.

He does play cycling but his placement is unknown.

Wii Party

In Wii Party, Elias is a Master Mii


  • Elias is the mii of JustArandomUser1544922
  • In swordplay, he has a technique that allows him to be even more good in both duel, and showdown.
  • The CPU mii's skill level changes because the skill levels are based off his user's actually skill level.