Francis is a CPU Mii.

Wii Sports Resort

In Basketball, Francis's skill level is 12271 and plays with Nate and Dee Dee. In Table Tennis his level is 12650. In Swordplay Duel and Speed Slice his level is 12436.


  • He is one of seven CPU Miis from the Big Nate comic book series by Lincoln Peirce, the other six being Nate, Dee Dee, Teddy, Chad, Mrs. Shipulski, and Principal Nichols.
  • His full name is Francis Butthurst Pope.
    • Francis Pope is a reference to Pope Francis.
  • He appears in Splatoon 2 as a Inkling. He and Luccas are the only New Wii Sports Resort Miis to appear in this game.
    • He is the only Big Nate Mii to appear in Splatoon 2.
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