Frits is a Mii created by Teh Sweggurboi. He is the fastest of all Miis ever. It almost seems like he is living life at double speed. Everyone else can barely understand what he is saying because he talks so fast, and he can run the 100 meter sprint in far less than 9 seconds. He is also good at Mario Kart Wii. He usually rides the Nitrocycle, because it is the fastest of all medium bikes. He likes the speed and uses wheelies frequently to gain even more speed, but is quite bad at making turns and falls down the lane quite often.

Wii Sports

Tennis is his best sport of all that Wii Sports has to offer. He is the fastest Miis of all and plays in a kind of defending style as he saves almost every ball (unless they're out, usually). He makes powerful swings and his services are always more than 250 km/h, but this also makes them more predictable. He is a really tough opponent, as he makes good and fast points, but he can be a inaccurate sometimes, which results in unforced errors, most noteworthy hitting the ball over the field. It's breathtaking to watch him play though, as he almost seems to fly across the court! In Baseball, he has a great reaction, but sometimes he swings even a bit too early. He also throws at really high speed, which makes him a harder and easier opponent at the same time. It's very hard to hit a good ball, but it's also kind of predictable. His favorite part of Baseball is catching though, because he is extremely good at it. His incredible speed enables him to catch balls that seem uncatchable for a normal person, and he is famous for his saves. In Bowling, he is mostly too fast and too inaccurate, but if his throw has the right direction, the speed ensures that more pins fall down. In Golf, he usually hits the ball way too hard, in the wrong direction or completely misses it. In Boxing, he is always running and avoiding his opponent's punches. This drives most of his opponents crazy and tires them, and then he can finish it with some fast punches. However, he is not strong and talented enough to beat better players.

Tennis = 1554 (PRO)
Baseball = 1235 (PRO)
Bowling = 241
Golf = 67
Boxing = 764

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