Fusion (AKA the IAA2 miis) is a tribe from Mii Survivor: YA79 Miis vs. IAA2 Miis Again. Their color is green.

Samantha of Lunala found the Medallion of Power on Day 1, but gave it up to them in exchange for a reward. They fared better in challenges, but fell apart and the merge and had no members in the F4.


Bold= YA79 Mii, Italics= IAA2 Mii


The Miis had to find a "Medallion of Power" (Challenge advantage, but they must will it to the other team if used), and they'd win it for their team. Samantha found it, but gave it to Fusion in exchange for reward. The useless Gary was then voted out 7-3. Then Christopher for his lack of teamwork.

There was a shuffle after Gonta's elmination, with a schoolyard pick. Zach picked for Fusion, and the Medallion of Power was retired. The below table shows the picking order of the miis. Elizabeth got voted out as Nugget's alliance labeled her the weakest. At a double TC, Zach got out of Fusion for his bossiness.

They eventually merged with Lunala.

Mii Order Picked
Zach Captain
Evan 2nd
Brooke 4th
Leo P. 6th
Bryan 8th
Francesca 10th
Robert 12th
MrBeast Last


  • The tribe is named for a type of music IAA2 likes, "Fusion" music.
  • I lost the file for the tribe swap images, and the will be none in the infobox.


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