Grasshoper is a CPU Mii. Pronounced "grass-hope-er".

Wii Sports

In Tennis, Grasshoper's level is 35 and doubles with Abby, Misami, or Wario. In Baseball, his level is -106--21 and has a team of himself, MisamiMalteChicken, Kenny GMissAdamFatso, and Elisa. He appears on Huck Finn's, Vince's, Ika's, and Mug Wump's teams as a teammate. You only face against him if you lose four or more consecutive games and your level is below -25. In Boxing his level is 601-728.

Wii Sports Resort

In Swordplay, Grasshoper's level is 2413. In Basketball, his level is 9428 and plays with Kienan and someone. In Table Tennis his level is 11368.


  • His Japanese name is Gurasuhoppā (グラスホッパー).
  • He was based off of Grasshoper from Poofesure's YouTube channel.
  • He is one of five CPU Miis to come from Poofesure's channel, the others being beef boss, Kienan, Dudy dude, and fishsticks.
  • You can see a recreation of him using the Mii Maker here.


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