Title The smartest mii
Gender Female
Favorite Color Yellow
Level Tennis : 🌟1902

Baseball : 10 Boxing : can't play


Hazuki is a CPU Mii

Wii Sports Club

Hazuki is the real legendary champion in Tennis, her level is 🌟1902

In Baseball, her level in Baseball is 10

In boxing, she can't play because most of peoples hates her and she hates when her glasses is broken

Wii Party U

In Wii Party U, she's a Advanced Master CPU Mii.


Hazuki is best friend with Motak

Hazuki is ambidextrous, which in Baseball she plays at the left, but she plays at the right in Tennis

Hazuki is the second oldest sister of Midori and Rin, behind Hideko.

Hazuki, is the opposite of Hideko, which she cares about your pain, she let you gain a point if you're in a big trouble.

After when you beaten her, she can join on your team for help at the max, which she's op.

Her Japanese name is the same in English, which in Katakana, that's gonna be this : (ハズキ)

And in Hiragana, that's gonna be like this : (はずき)

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