Hilvi is a CPU Mii from New Wii Sports, New Wii Sports Resort and New Wii Party.

New Wii Sports

In Tennis, his skill level is 6174 and plays with Iubana. In Baseball, his skill level is 4716-4761 and his team consists of himself, Xavier, Wilbur, Nugget, Suki, Desadader, Sota 2, Kienan and Misaki 2. In Boxing, his skill level is 1467-1476.

New Wii Sports Resort

In Swordplay, his skill level is 2608 and is the boss in stage 39 of Swordplay Showdown. In Basketball, his skill level is 2758 and his teammates are someone and Orangoma. In Table Tennis, his skill level is 2638. In Cycling, he doesn't appear as an opponent, instead he appear as a replacement of Aka, when she's on vacation or being sick.

New Wii Party

In Wii Party, Hilvi is an Advanced Mii.

His Disease

He is hearing impaired (70% disability) and Asperger's autism and was non-verbal until the age of 5. Since he is very intelligent (IQ of 140), he has always been able to make good language problems. Sometimes he seem to be very slow, because due to his "conductive hearing loss" and his autism spectrum disorder, he has to mentally prepare many words in order to understand them and to grasp them in their entirety. This always requires his full concentration and is a top performance for him.


  • He was a left-handed person, but he use the right hand of all sports, making him ambidextrous.
  • While the average person needs 7-9 hours, Hilvi naturally needs just 6 hours of sleep.
  • He love maths and english, but he's bad at german.
  • His birthday is June 20th.
  • People often mistook as a girl, because of the long hair.
  • Hilvi is Hilvi Haslbäck's personal mii.
  • He appears in Super Mario Maker 2, with the alias "Haslbäck". (GJR-883-HBG)
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