Huck Finn is a CPU Mii from Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort.

Huck Finn

Wii Sports

In Tennis, Huck Finn's level is -18--3. In Baseball, his level is -125--35 and has a team of himself, Grasshoper, MisamiMalteChicken, Kenny GMissAdam, and Fatso. He appears on Vince's, Ika's, and Mug Wump's teams as a teammate. In Boxing, his level is 1102-1264.

Wii Sports Resort

In Basketball, Huck Finn's level is 3643 and plays with someone and someone. In Swordplay Duel and Speed Slice, Huck Finn's level is 5938. In Table Tennis his level is 2608.


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