Jazz (AKA the IAA2 miis) is a tribe from Mii Survivor: YA79 Miis vs. IIA2 Miis. Their color is orange.

They were initially the strategic tribe, forming many alliances, as opposed to the rival Yoriyoi tribe, but once Yoriyoi stepped up, the Final 3 had only one original member, Misy, but she received no votes to win.


Bold= YA79 Mii Italics= IAA2 Mii

Bold= Yoriyoi member, Italics= Jazz member, None= Meikai member


They were formed as "IAA2 Miis" on Day 1. They fared around equally in challenges, but were the more strategic tribe. Herb was the first voted out, due to him being seen as the weakest link.

On a Day 7 tribe expansion, Cathy, Jon, and Wilbur stayed on this tribe, and they were joined by Yoriyois Rick, Ryder, and Rylee. They lost no immunity challenges during this phase.

On the Day 14 tribe dissolution, Meikai was dissolved, and the new Jazz had Danica, Dave, Jon, Misy, Rick, Ryder, and Rylee. They didn't lose the challenge before the merge.

They eventually merged with Yoriyoi.


  • This season being YA79 Miis vs. IAA2 Miis, this is the first tribe to contain no Miis created by YoungArtist79.
  • The BrantSteele team chart is used as the team photo, because YA79 doesn't have IAA2 on his 3DS.
  • The tribe name is called Jazz because of IAmAwesome2's favorite style of music.


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