Jiemape is a CPU Mii. He is very bad at all sports. His parents are french. You can unlock him as a character by beating Gary in Tennis on Wii Sports Club.

Appearances Edit

Jiemape first appears in Wii Sports Resort for the Wii. He later appears in Wii Sports Club for the Wii U. He appears in Tennis, Boxing, Swordplay, Basketball, Baseball, and Cycling.

Playing Him Edit

In all sports, his level is translated to -350. In Tennis, his partner is Gary. He serves at 10 mph and often misses. In Boxing, he cannot damage you, and can only beat you if he hits you 1000 times.In Swordplay, he can knock you off the arena in 10099 hits. In cycling, he gets tired every 2 seconds. He cycles at 2 mph and will finish 49th or 99th, depending on the race. In Basketball, he has Nerd and Loopy on his team. His team chucks the ball into the fence and blocks after you shoot. In Baseball, his team includes Gary, Nerd, and Loopy. His team hits pop flies 3 miles into the air, and looks at strikes. When he pitches, he throws 5 mph and throws it 100 feet in the air.