Judson is a CPU Mii.

Wii Sports

In Tennis, Judson is a Super Star Pro, with a level of 3700. He doubles with Plank or Luigi. In Baseball, he is the first champion and his level is 986-1194 (Sometimes PRO) and plays with Hiroshi, Rin, Emily, Sarah, Billy, Saburo, Theo, and Shouta. He appears on the teams of Shinnosuke, Takumi, Angus, Pierre, Steve, Helen, Maria, and Mich. If your skill level is 1000 or over, you will continue to face him until you beat him. He is the pitcher in Baseball training. In Boxing his level is 7778-7942.

Wii Sports Resort

In Basketball, his level is 2368 and plays with Caroline and Cameron. In Swordplay Duel & Speed Slice his level is 2173. In Table Tennis his level is 2113.


  • You can see him here.
  • In Baseball, Judson throws and bats left-handed and right-handed. He also alternates between throwing overhand and side arm throwing, because he is the pitcher in Baseball training. He wants the batters in Baseball Training to hit all different sorts of balls.
    • Therefore, he's ambidextrous.
    • He is also the only Mii that alternates between overhand pitching and side arm pitching.
  • He has the lowest skill of any Champion Mii. He is also the only Champion Mii to sometimes not be in PRO class.
  • There is a Mii who debuted in New Wii Sports Resort that looks similar to Judson, called Juston. They have the same hairstyle and hair color, the same nose, the same skin tone, the same eyes and eye color, freckles, and both have glasses that are red. However, Juston wears sunglasses, has different eyebrows, a different mouth, a different head shape, is shorter, and his favorite color is black.


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