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Title Swordplay Showdown Fifty-First Boss

Middle Skill Mii Champion of Swordplay

Gender Female
Favorite Color Orange
Level Tennis: 5045

Baseball: 9945 to 10063

Boxing: 10045 to 10242

Basketball: 2563

Swordplay: 11998

Table Tennis: 11878

This article is about the CPU Mii. For the by Kate the youtuber, see Kate (Wii/Wii U).

Kate is a CPU Mii.

Wii Sports

In Tennis her level is 5050 and plays with Zelda or Santa.

In Baseball her level is 9945 to 10063. She is one of the few opponents to use the underhand pitch. She appears on the teams of Derek and others.

In Boxing her level is 10045 to 10242.

Wii Sports Resort

In Basketball, her level is 2563 and plays with Maddie and Johnny.

Her level in Swordplay is 11998. She is the boss of level 51 in Swordplay Showdown.

In Table Tennis her level is 11878.

Wii Sports Club

Kate also appears as an opponent in Wii Sports Club.

In Tennis, she is at level ★8.

In Baseball, she is mediocre at level 7.

In Boxing, her level is ★12.

Wii Party

In Wii Party, Kate is an Advanced Master CPU.

New Wii Party U

In New Wii Party U, Kate is a Master Mii.

Wii Sports: The Next Generation

Kate's skill in Tennis is 1900 and doubles with Coraline; they are the Champions of Tennis.

In Baseball her skill is 957 to 1169 and has Ignacio, Annabelle, SMG4, Simon, Samantha, Karen, Hyoma, and Anna on her team.

In Boxing she is the champion, and her skill is 1550 to 1649. You unlock the Silver Gloves after defeating her.

Wii Sports Resort: The Next Generation

Her skill in Swordplay is 1136 to 1140.

Her skill in Basketball is 1496 to 1500, and she is the Champion. Her teammates are Scott the Woz and Mario.

Her skill in Table Tennis is 1421 to 1425.

She is your coach in Cycling, giving you advice.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

In Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Kate is at Level 1 (Beginner Mii).


  • You can see her here.
  • Her name means "pure".
  • She is the second-last female Boss in Swordplay Showdown, the last female Boss being the goddess Rebecca.
    • This means that Kate is the last female boss that is human.
  • She's American.
  • Kate is always right-handed.
  • Kate is one of the few CPUs to use the underhand throw in Baseball.
  • Kate has some similarities to Yoko: they have the same hairstyle, same head shape, the same eyes, and the same nose.
    • However, in Kate's Wii U version, she has a different hairstyle.
  • In IAmAwesome2's Tomodachi Life, she is married to SMG4.
    • They had three daughters, Madison, Charlotte, and Amy.
    • Also, Kate's best friend is Dave Ramsey.
  • She is part of Guru Ant's clan.
  • In her New Wii Music artwork, she plays the Alto Saxophone.
  • In the data files of Miitopia, she is listed as Young.
  • She appears on the cover of New Wii Party U with Clyde, Diego, and Saffron, as Player 2.
  • In Wii Sports Resort: The Next Generation, she is one of the only Miis to be a PRO in all three sports.
  • She is also the only CPU Mii to be a champion in three sports: Boxing, Tennis, and Basketball.


New Wii Sports Club / New Wii Party U / Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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