Kenny G is a CPU Mii.

Kenny G

Wii Sports

Kenny G's level in Tennis is 14 and plays with Ren, Chris, or Vince. His level in Baseball is 0 and plays with Miss, Adam, Fatso, Elisa, Emma, Luca, Akira, and Matt. He appears on the teams of Vince, Huck Finn, Grasshoper, Misami, Malte, and Chicken. You only face against him if you lose two or more consecutive games. His level in Boxing is 12.

Wii Sports Resort

In Basketball, Kenny G's skill level is 1543 and plays with + and Leo P. In Table Tennis his level is 1543. In Swordplay Duel and Speed Slice his level is 1543.

Wii Music

He appears in Wii Music playing the soprano saxophone.


  • He was named after soprano saxophonist Kenny G.
  • He is not a Pro in any sport in Wii Sports, but is a Pro at all sports in Wii Sports Resort.
  • His level is the same in all sports in Wii Sports Resort: 1543.
  • He is one of the only Miis to have the same levels in Wii Sports Resort for all three sports, the others being Santa, Tiffany, and Arthur.


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