Kienan is a CPU Mii.

Wii Sports

In Tennis, Kienan's level is 1225 and doubles with Misaki 2. In Baseball, his level is 3200-3400. In Boxing his level is 1573-1704.

Wii Sports Resort

In Swordplay, Kienan's level is 6543. In Basketball, his level is 9443 and plays with Johny and Grasshoper. In Table Tennis his level is 2973.

Mii Hunger Games

In the Mii Hunger Games, Kienan was the male tribute for District 7. His female counterpart was Elisa. He survived for four days before the tsunami hit the arena, causing Kienan to fatally injure himself on debris.

Wii Music

In Wii Music, he plays the Cello.


  • His Japanese name is Kinan (キナン).
  • You can see him here.
  • He was based off of Kienan from Poofesure's YouTube channel.
    • Kienan is Poofesure's own Mii.
  • He likes simping on Abby, Barbara, Alice, and Araceli.
  • He is one of five CPU Miis to come from Poofesure's channel, the others being beef boss, Grasshoper, Dudy dude, and fishsticks.
  • In Poofesure's Tomodachi Life, he is dating Michael Jackson.
  • In IAmAwesome2's Tomodachi Life, he is married to Lucia. This is ironic because Poofesure hates Lucia.
    • They had two children, Ethan and Brooke.


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