Title Klixtaklix
Gender Male
Favorite Color White
Level Table Tennis: 756

Swordplay: 811

Tennis: Level 4

Baseball: Level 4

Boxing: Level ★1

Klixtaklix is a male CPU in Wii Sports Resort and Wii Sports Club.

Wii Sports Resort

In Table Tennis, his skill level is in the 700 mark. He uses a shoe in that game. In Swordplay Showdown, Klixtaklix is the Boss of Level 16 (Ruins Reverse). In Swordplay Duel, he isn't a Pro. His skill is around the 800 mark. In Cycling he is a pro and coming 16th place this is the only sport he‘s pro at

Wii Sports Club

In Tennis, he is at Level 4. In Baseball, his level is 4 too. In Boxing, Klixtaklix is a Pro (★1).


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  • He can be downloaded here.
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