Lunion is the merged tribe of Lunala and Fusion from Mii Survivor: YA79 Miis vs. IAA2 Miis Again. Their tribe color is gold.


Bold= Swapped Lunala member, Italics= Expanded Fusion member


Leo P was the first out of the mergers for being in no alliances. After Robert betrayed his alliance, was was voted out. Samantha was then medically evacuated due to an infection. The likable Nugget then played an idol, preventing a unanimous vote, and the social, athletic Evan was voted out. Another idol played, this time by Emelia, and the Brooke's alliance betrayed her due to her bad attitude and she went out. Then the strategic, but annoying MrBeast. Then Emelia for going swimming away from everyone. Then Nugget for her work ethic and likablity. The likeable, loyal, Johhny was voted out and became the final juror.

At Final Tribal Council, Tula received much criticism for hiding behind larger threats, as well as her poor work ethic and challenge ability. She got no votes to win. Francesca was criticized for her attitude throughout the game, but praised for her challenge ability. Only Evan voted for her to win. Bryan won out in the end for his challenge and strategic play, as well as being a "student of the game".


  • The name is a combination of "Lunala" and "Fusion".
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