The third season of Lutaki's Mii Survivor. The sole survivor was Hiromasa Sakamoto.


Umhlobo Tribe

  • Eric Arizona (46), accountant
  • Hiromasa Sakamoto (31), lawyer
  • Janis Olden (23), barista
  • Leonard Fielding (42), janitor
  • Lynne Singh (57), manager
  • Rose Invictus (21), hairdresser
  • Sunny Kyle (30), artist
  • Zach Lane (18), unemployed

Nezinye Tribe

  • Alisha Hudson (36), secretary
  • George Kowalski (54), construction worker
  • Katie Banner-Lee (22), vlogger
  • May Phelps (19), drama student
  • Rebecca Velazquez (40), high school teacher
  • Sidney Kyle (30), physicist
  • Troy Arjun (21), football player
  • Warren Smith (43), office worker

Episode I

Lynne, Rose & Sunny form an alliance within the Umhlobo tribe, leaving the rest of the tribe to form an alliance between themselves. In the Nezinye tribe, Katie, May and Warren team up with each other whilst Alisha, Rebecca, Sidney and Troy form a four-way alliance.

Immunity Challenge: Trail Blazer

George, the first player to leave the competition

Each team is given a chariot which contained four lit torches and a fire cauldron at the center. They must pull or push the cart through difficult terrain while lighting a series of fire towers along the way. The first tribe to successfully light their towers, cross the finish line, and ignite the final bonfire wins.

The Umhlobo tribe wins immunity. They receive 50 waterproof matches.

Lynne and Zach fight over their disagreements. George's anti-social behaviour is already beginning to rub the Nezinye tribe the wrong way.

The Nezinye tribe votes once for Rebecca and seven times for George, who is cast out of the tribe.

Episode II

Reward Challenge: Stairway to the Stars

Each tribe has five logs. The goal is to transport the five logs from the start position through a series of obstacles to a tower, where they must build a staircase. The first tribe to successfully build the staircase and have one member race to the top of the tower wins.

The Umhlobo tribe wins the reward. They win blankets, canned food, and other supplies.

Immunity Challenge: Safari Supper

Lynne, the second player to leave the competition

One at a time, members from both tribes must drink a shot of cow's blood. If at any time a person declines to drink or does not finish, that team is disqualified. If all members of both tribes complete the task, a tiebreaker is set. Each tribe must pick a member from the other tribe to chug a full glass of cow's blood. The first to finish wins the full glass wins.

The Nezinye tribe wins immunity.

Zach and Eric strengthen their bond. However, in the Nezinye tribe, May and Rebecca have a major fight.

The Umhlobo tribe votes thrice for Janis and five times for Lynne, who is cast out of the tribe.

Episode III

Reward Challenge: Rock 'n' Roll

Tribes race to roll an eight-foot boulder through a natural obstacle course. Tribe members must work together to navigate the boulder through obstacles across an already difficult terrain. The first tribe to roll their boulder into the winner's circle wins.

The Nezinye tribe wins the reward. They win fresh drinking water and organic shampoo.

Immunity Challenge: Distress Signal

Rose, the third player to leave the competition

Tribes are told via Tree Mail that a plane will be flying over their camps. Utilizing anything around their camp, they must get the plane's attention. The tribe with the better signal (judging will be based on the creativity, yet still recognizable), according to the plane's pilot and drop master would win Immunity (with the plane returning to the winning team's camp, and will drop a wooden crate with the Immunity Idol encased in it).

The Nezinye tribe wins immunity.

Sunny and Leonard bond a lot. Rebecca and Alisha also strengthen their bond.

The Umhlobo tribe votes twice for Janis and five times for Rose, who is cast out of the tribe.

Episode IV

Reward Challenge: Caught in the Web

On a web of rope, hang twelve baskets, each containing a food item. One at a time, the Survivors must race up their team's ramp, cross the rope bridge, climb the net to retrieve one basket, and then race back to the finish line. The first team to collect all the baskets and cross the finish line wins.

The Nezinye tribe wins the reward. They win the food items used in the challenge.

Immunity Challenge: Movin' on Up

Warren, the fourth player to leave the competition

In this challenge, both tribes were given a camp with a hut and various camp supplies. The first tribe to relocate their camp 200 yards up a hill and recreate it exactly as it was wins.

The Umhlobo tribe wins immunity.

Tensions within the Umhlobo tribe significantly weakens the five-way alliance within it. In the other tribe, the Katie-May-Warren alliance strengthens substantially.

The Nezinye tribe votes thrice for Rebecca and four times for Warren, who is cast out of the tribe.

Episode V

Each tribe is asked to pick three representatives.

The tribes after the twist

The Umhlobo tribe chooses Hiromasa, Janis and Zach.

The Nezinye tribe chooses Katie, Sidney and Troy.

Each group of three players will actually be switching tribes.

Immunity Challenge: Puzzle of Shields

Sidney, the fifth player to leave the competition

Both tribes will have twenty giant puzzle pieces. First team to complete their puzzle wins.

The Nezinye tribe wins immunity.

Despite the distance, the four-way tribe from the Nezinye tribe strengthens. Alisha bonds with Janis and helps integrate her into the Nezinye tribe.

The Umhlobo tribe votes twice for Eric and four times for Sidney, who is cast out of the tribe.

Episode VI

Reward Challenge: Africa 102

Sitting on the top row of bleachers, each team will be asked a series of questions pertaining to Africa. Answer the question correctly and move down a row on the bleachers. The first team to be standing on the ground after answering the most questions correctly wins.

The Umhlobo tribe wins the reward. They win a full buffet of food.

Immunity Challenge: Spear-it Hunt

Troy, the sixth player to leave the competition

Using a bow and arrow, each tribe has five targets ranging from thirty to seventy feet away. One member from each tribe will attempt to hit a target and set it on fire. The first tribe to light up all their targets in order, from closest to farthest, wins Immunity.

The Nezinye tribe wins immunity.

Rebecca's behaviour is beginning to rub the Nezinye tribe the wrong way.

The Umhlobo tribe votes once for Eric and four times for Troy, who is cast out of the tribe.

Episode VII

The two tribes merge into the Indibaniselwano tribe.

Immunity Challenge: When It Rains, It Pours

Rebecca, the seventh person to leave the competition

Each survivor's wrists were attached to a rope connected to a bucket of water overhead. Their arms had to remain above their heads, very still, because the slightest movement would upset the bucket above and shower the person with water, thus eliminating that person from the game. Jeff Probst will then tempt the contestants with some food items in exchange for giving up. Last person left standing wins immunity.

Hiromasa wins immunity.

The tribe votes twice for May and eight times for Rebecca, who is cast out of the tribe.

Episode VIII

Reward Challenge: Stomp-ede

Each Survivor was given nine items and instructed to stomp on a plank of wood, catapulting one item at a time into a basket atop a tower. The first person to land all nine in the basket would be the winner.

May wins the reward. She gets the chance to offer two goats to an African village in exchange for whatever the winner wants. She shares the reward with Leonard.

Immunity Challenge: Box Your Mind

Zach, the eighth player to leave the competition

They had one minute to memorize the contents of compartments inside a barrel, and then, using their short-term memory, players would have to recreate the items in the various compartments. First to complete the task would win immunity.

Eric wins immunity.

The Eric-Leonard-Sunny alliance dissolves.

The tribe votes four times for Leonard and five times for Zach, who is cast out of the tribe.

Episode IX

Reward Challenge: Obstacle Course

The castaways will compete in an two-round, double-elimination obstacle course in four teams of two. The two leading teams will go to the final round. First pair to finish wins.

Alisha and Leonard win the reward. They win a movie night-out, with an eat-all-you can feast.

Immunity Challenge: Light It Up

Leonard, the ninth player to leave the competition

Castaways must create fire using a magnifying glass and some twigs. If the fire that grew high enough would burn a thin cord strung across each firepit. When the cord snapped, it would drop a weight, which hoisted a flag announcing the winner. There was only one rule: if anything other than the flame touched the cord, that person would be disqualified.

Hiromasa wins immunity.

Alisha, Katie and May strengthen their bond in camp.

The tribe votes thrice for Janis and five times for Leonard, who is cast out of the tribe.

Episode X

During the week, Katie contracts a parasite and is forced to bow out of the competition.

Katie, the tenth player to leave the competition

There is no tribal council held that week.

Episode XI

Reward Challenge: Know Your Loved One

Tribe members were to be asked a series of personal questions which their family had previously been asked on videotape. If each tribe member's answer matched the answer their family gave, they would score a point.

Hiromasa wins the reward. He wins a resort in the Masai Mara along with a safari, a chance to sleep in a bed, and a feast. He shares the reward with Eric.

Immunity Challenge: Pot Shots

Alisha, placing sixth in the competition

Eighteen clay pots are hung on a line. Each Survivor's name was marked on three pots. Using an African weapon known as a Ringa, the group had to throw the wooden sticks at their opponents' pots, trying to break the ones that didn't bear their own name. The last person left with an unbroken pot would win Immunity.

Sunny wins immunity.

The behaviour of Sunny is beginning to earn the appreciation of the other campers.

The tribe votes twice for May and four times for Alisha, who is cast out of the tribe.

Episode XII

Reward Challenge: Swahili Scramble

Working from a list, Survivors had to find Swahili words hidden in letters on their boards. Each word intersected with another, sharing a letter. When all 9 words were circled, the Survivors had to unscramble the 9 intersecting letters and discover the answer to a given clue. First one to do so would be the winner.

Sunny wins the reward. She wins a Chevy Avalanche car.

Immunity Challenge: Second Chance

Janis, placing fifth in the competition

The castaways must traverse an obstacle course built from elements from past challenges of the season. First person to traverse it would win.

Hiromasa wins immunity.

Tensions between Eric and Sunny weaken their alliance substantially.

The tribe votes twice for May and thrice for Janis, who is cast out of the tribe.

Episode XIII

Immunity Challenge: Fallen Comrades

May, placing fourth in the competition

The survivors will be tested on how much they knew about those voted out before them. Eight questions would be asked about the twelve fallen survivors with whom they had spent the past thirty-six days. The person who answered the most questions correctly would win Immunity.

Hiromasa wins immunity.

May and Sunny receive an equal number of votes against them. A tiebreaker also fails to give one a majority, so the player with the most votes prior to this will be eliminated. May has the most votes accumulated from previous episodes and is cast out of the tribe.


Immunity Challenge: Hard Idol

Sunny, placing third in the competition

With the tribal Immunity Idol perched between them, the group had to hold their positions without moving their hands or feet. The last person standing would win.

Eric wins immunity.

Eric and Hiromasa have a major fight.

Peculiarly, Eric votes for Sunny to be eliminated. She is cast out of the tribe.

Eric and Hiromasa face the jury...

The Reunion

The castaways who placed 9th-3rd place their votes.

Eric, the runner-up


Hiromasa, the winner

Juror Eric Hiromasa
Sunny Vote
May Vote
Janis Vote
Alisha Vote
Katie Vote
Leonard Vote
Zach Vote

The winner of Lutaki's Mii Survivor: Africa is Hiromasa Sakamoto.

Katie is the Fan Favourite, with Sunny coming second and Eric coming third.

Total Wins

Hiromasa Sakamoto: 6
Sunny Kyle: 2
May Phelps: 2
Eric Arizona: 2
Alisha Hudson: 1

Reward Wins

May Phelps: 2
Sunny Kyle: 1
Hiromasa Sakamoto: 1
Alisha Hudson: 1

Immunity Wins

Hiromasa Sakamoto: 5
Eric Arizona: 2
Sunny Kyle: 1

Votes Received

Rebecca Velazquez: 12
Janis Olden: 11
Leonard Fielding: 9
May Phelps: 8
George Kowalski: 7
Sunny Kyle: 6
Zach Lane: 5
Rose Invictus: 5
Lynne Singh: 5
Warren Smith: 4
Troy Arjun: 4
Sidney Kyle: 4
Katie Banner-Lee: 4
Alisha Hudson: 4
Eric Arizona: 3
Hiromasa Sakamoto: 0

Most Strategic

1. Sunny Kyle
2. Eric Arizona
3. Katie Banner-Lee


  • Out of all castways that have been on the show so far, Hiromasa has won the most challenges.
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