The fourth season of Lutaki's Mii Survivor. The sole survivor was Niles Marron.


Ele'ele Tribe

  • Ali Bashir (26), lifeguard 
  • Dwayne King (42), bodybuilder
  • Elena O'Brien (20), business student
  • Myra Coyle (37), hairdresser
  • Paul Easton (53), construction worker
  • Sharon Keller (30), beautician
  • Tina Chell (63), librarian
  • Wataru Matsuda (71), retired

Ke'oke'o Tribe

  • Anna Hernandez (69), retired
  • Barbara Weeks (33), environmental activist
  • Cristina Lozada (25), backup vocalist
  • Johanna Elliot (19), psychology student
  • Kendrick Parker (28), unemployed
  • Niles Marron (31), office worker
  • Rui-Lin Song (42), technician
  • Ted Dutch (24), radio DJ

Episode I

Many alliances form between members of both tribes.

Immunity Challenge: Outrigger Fire Quest

Kendrick, the first player to leave the competition.

Carrying an outrigger canoe outfitted with two torches, the tribes had to swim with the canoe out into the ocean, light the torches from a fire cauldron, then race back to shore while lighting a series of torches along the way. The first tribe to have successfully lit all the torches and cross the finish line would win.

The Ele'ele tribe wins immunity.

Dwayne, Myra, Paul and Sharon strengthen their bond within Ele'ele's camp.

The Ke'oke'o tribe votes thrice for Ted and five times for Kendrick, who is cast out of the tribe.

Episode II

Reward Challenge: Float Your Boat

Tribes would dive down into the water to remove rocks from a small boat. When they have removed enough rocks, the boat would rise to the surface and float. Tribe members would then proceed to use buckets to get water out of the boat with buckets. Once the tribe decided the boat was sea-fare, they would row back to shore. The first tribe back would win.

The Ele'ele tribe wins the reward. They win fishing gear.

Immunity Challenge: Marquesan Menu

Anna, the second player to leave the competition

Each tribe member would bob for fafaru (fish bathed in rotten marinade). If any tribe member could not keep it down or didn't eat it, they would lose.

The Ele'ele tribe wins immunity.

Paul and Elena's differing opinions spark a major fight. Anna's cynicism is beginning to rub the Ke'oke'o tribe the wrong way.

The Ke'oke'o tribe votes twice for Niles and five times for Anna, who is cast out of the tribe.

Episode III

Reward Challenge: Raft Rescue

Both tribes were given supplies before the challenge to build a raft. The tribes would use the raft to navigate through a course picking up five crates along the way. The first tribe back to the start with all five crates would win.

The Ke'oke'o tribe wins the reward. They win pillows, blankets, and three lanterns with fuel.

Immunity Challenge: Coconut Maze Race

Barbara, the third player to leave the competition

Each tribe would have four members moving a puzzle with a pulley system, and a caller telling their tribe members how to move it. After getting one coconut to the end of the maze, they would switch callers. The first tribe to get three coconuts through the maze would win.

The Ele'ele tribe wins immunity.

Niles comforts Barbara when she begins to feel homesick, and the two bond.

The Ke'oke'o tribe votes once for Rui-Lin and five times for Barbara, who is cast out of the tribe.

Episode IV

The castaways are asked to stand on disks. They must flip these disks to see their new tribe buff. The number of players per tribe stays the same.


The tribes after the twist

Immunity Challenge: Life's A Tapestry

Elena, the fourth player to leave the competition

Tribes must solve a tapestry puzzle. First tribe to complete wins.

The Ke'oke'o tribe wins immunity.

Ali and Tina bond over their stories from the Ele'ele tribe.

The Ele'ele tribe votes once for Paul and seven times for Elena, who is cast out of the tribe.

Episode V

Reward Challenge: Tiki Towers

Each team had to pick one member to be the eyes of the group, while the others were to be blindfolded. The Caller had to direct the other members to collect randomly scattered segments of four Tikis that had been deconstructed. Once collected, the blindfolds were to be removed, and the first tribe to reconstruct their four Tikis would win.

The Ele'ele tribe wins the reward. They win an opportunity to raid the other tribe's camp.

Immunity Challenge: Distress Signal

Ali, the fifth player to leave the competition

Tribes were instructed to build a distress signal on the shore of their beach, using materials in and around camp to catch the eye of a rescue boat that would pass by in the water a few hours later. The tribe with the most eye-catching distress signal would win immunity.

The Ele'ele tribe wins immunity.

Myra's airheadedness is beginning to aggravate the rest of the Ele'ele tribe. Ali and Wataru have a major fight over the Ke'oke'o tribe's rationings.

The Ke'oke'o tribe votes once for Wataru and four times for Ali, who is cast out of the tribe.

Episode VI

Reward Challenge: Jungle Relay

This is a three part relay race. The first runner races through the jungle, unties a paddle, and tags the second runner. Both then race to untie a second paddle, and then race back to the beach where they break open coconuts to find a key. The two runners pass the paddles and the key to two other tribe members, who must unchain a boat, paddle the boat out to retrieve a flag, then paddle back to plant their flag in the tiki. When the paddlers return to shore, they must push their boat to their chain and both paddlers must be present at the tiki when they put their flag in.

The Ele'ele tribe wins the reward. They win a meal of chicken, quiche, bean salad, dessert, and Sierra Mist.

Immunity Challenge: The Maze

Rui-Lin, the sixth player to leave the competition

The teams had to retrieve five ladder rungs, in order, from throughout a giant maze, while roped together. Then climb the ladder they built in the center of the maze.

The Ke'oke'o tribe wins immunity.

Niles and Rui-Lin form a pact to stick together throughout the competition. On the other hand, bonds break in the Ke'oke'o tribe as Ted and Tina have a major fight.

The Ele'ele tribe votes thrice for Myra and four times for Rui-Lin, who is cast out of the tribe.

Episode VII

The remaining ten players form the Monoikomi tribe, moving into one large camp.

Immunity Challenge: Sea Legs

Myra, the seventh player to leave the competition

Each player must stand on a floating platform at the sea. If any part of their body besides their feet touch the platform, or if they fall of the platform, they are eliminated from the challenge. Last person left standing wins immunity.

Wataru wins immunity.

Paul's cockiness is rubbing the rest of the tribe the wrong way.

The tribe votes once for Paul and nine times for Myra, who is cast out of the tribe.

Episode VIII

Reward Challenge: Go Fly A Kite

Tribe members must fly a kite. First person to have their kite 300 feet from the ground wins reward.

Johanna wins the reward. She wins a Snickers candy bear and a scuba diving trip at a coral reef.

Immunity Challenge: Parang Swing

Paul, the eighth player to leave the competition

The castaways were asked a series of questions relating to both the Marquesas Islands and survival, topics which they should have learned quite a bit about at this point. Each person had a station with three ropes tied to three bundles of coconuts strung up in the trees. Every time someone answered a question correctly, they would be given the opportunity to chop down one bundle of any Survivor of their choosing. Once a Survivor's three ropes had been cut, they were out of the game. The last person to have any bundles of coconuts remaining, would win Immunity.

Tina wins immunity.

Cristina and Niles strengthen their bond at camp.

The tribe votes thrice for Johanna and six times for Paul, who is cast out of the tribe.

Episode IX

Reward Challenge: Coconut Juice

Contestants would be split into pairs and would gather coconuts. They would split open the coconuts and let the coconut milk run into a tube to raise a ball. The first pair to raise their ball to the top would win.

Dwayne and Sharon win the reward. They win a Marquesan feast.

Immunity Challenge: High Stepping

Contestants would face off rounds. While on stilts an

Tina, the ninth player to leave the competition

d would try to keep their balance. The first contestant to fall would be out, and the other contestant would move on to next round. This would continue until the final round. In this round, the last contestant to fall would win.

Johanna wins immunity.

Wataru isolates himself from the rest of the tribe. No one wants to align with him.

The tribe votes once for Ted and seven times for Tina, who is cast out of the tribe.

Episode X

Reward Challenge: Rock Bottom

For the first three rounds, contestants would dive under water to find a shell and bring it back. The last contestant to do so would be eliminated. For the fourth and final round, the four remaining contestants would dive into the water, grab a rock and swim back to shore with it. The first contestant with the rock at Jeff's feet wins.

Dwayne wins the reward. He wins a dinner and shower on a cruise ship. He shares the reward with Cristina.

Immunity Challenge: Virtues of Fire

Dwayne, the tenth player to leave the competition

In the dark, the contestants would gather supplies to make a fire. They would make their fire under a stove with oil and popcorn kernels on it. Once a contestant popped a popcorn kernel, they would take burning embers to a brush pile, and light the pile on fire. The first contestant to have their fire reach the top of the brush pile would win immunity.

Sharon wins immunity.

Cristina and Niles bond further in the camp.

The tribe votes twice for Johanna and five times for Dwayne, who is cast out of the tribe.

Episode XI

Reward Challenge: Turtle Roll

The loved ones would stand around the far edge of a large puzzle, comprised of six-sided individual pieces. One at a time, the competitors would step from one piece to the next. As they stepped off a piece, they had to flip it over, revealing the color green. Taking turns, they would continue moving on to new pieces without the option of stepping back on a green piece. Once a person was trapped, unable to step on an open piece, they were out. The last person left on the board would win.

Cristina wins the reward. She wins an overnight stay at Soliantu beach.

Immunity Challenge: Sands Of Time

Sharon, placing sixth in the competition

Each Survivor recognized their name emblazoned on an hourglass-shaped structure dotted with different shaped tiles. Behind those tiles were piles of sand. At the base of each structure was a small tiki. Using the slingshots, the Survivors had to fire rocks at the tile panels of another tribe member's structure, releasing sand, which would cover the tiki. Once a Survivor's tiki was completely covered with sand, that person would be eliminated from the game. The Survivor whose tiki remained uncovered would win.

Cristina wins immunity.

Alliances within the camp weaken substantially as tensions rise.

The tribe votes once for Johanna and five times for Sharon, who is cast out of the tribe.

Episode XII

Reward Challenge: Second Chance

First, each Survivor had to construct a tiki. Second, they had to race to a pile of coconuts, crack them open and drain the juice, filling a bamboo tube. Then they had to continue through the jungle to find stilts tied to a tree. Once the stilts were untied, the Survivors had to successfully walk ten feet on the stilts without falling. After completing this leg of the Challenge, they would have to find another pile of coconuts and crack them open to find a key that would be used to unlock a crate. Inside the crate would be a slingshot. Finally, with slingshot in hand, the Survivors would have to find their specific hourglass-shaped structure with a wooden tiki underneath. Using the slingshot they must break a tile, releasing sand which will cover the tiki. The first contestant to cover their tiki wins the challenge.

Cristina wins the reward. She wins a Saturn VUE car.

Immunity Challenge: Marquesan Folklore

Johanna, placing fifth in the competition

The Survivors would listen to Jeff narrate an ancient Marquesan tale. Then, trying to retain all of the information they just heard, the Survivors would answer a series of questions about the story. Each question was located within a private kiosk in which multiple-choice answers were made available. Correct answers would correspond to a basket that would reveal a mini idol. Survivors who guessed the correct answer would then attach the idol to a necklace with which they had been provided. The first person to answer five questions correctly and race across the finish line with five idols would win.

Wataru wins immunity.

Niles and Johanna use the time they have to reestablish their bond.

The tribe votes twice for Niles and thrice for Johanna, who is cast out of the tribe.

Episode XIII

Immunity Challenge: Fallen Comrades

Ted, placing fourth in the competition

A quiz on the eliminated players and the game. First to score ten points wins immunity.

Wataru wins immunity.

Wataru and Niles have a major fight for unknown reasons.

The tribe votes once for Cristina and thrice for Ted, who is cast out of the tribe.


Immunity Challenge: Hard Idol

Wataru, placing third in the competition.

Each tribe member held on to the immunity idol while standing on a small pedestal. The person who lasted the longest wins Immunity.

Niles wins immunity.

Niles tries to reconnect with Wataru.

However, Niles still votes for Wataru, who is subsequently cast out of the tribe.

Niles and Cristina face the jury...

The Reunion

The castaways who plaed 9th-3rd place their votes.

Cristina, the runner-up


Niles, the winner

Juror Cristina Niles
Wataru Vote
Ted Vote
Johanna Vote
Sharon Vote
Dwayne Vote
Tina Vote
Paul Vote

The winner of Lutaki's Mii Survivor: Marquesas is Niles Marron.

Tina is the Fan Favorite, with Cristina coming second and Ted coming third.

Total Wins

Cristina Lozada: 4
Wataru Matsuda: 3
Sharon Keller: 2
Johanna Elliot: 2
Tina Chell: 1
Niles Marron: 1
Dwayne King: 1

Reward Wins

Cristina Lozada: 3
Sharon Keller: 1
Johanna Elliot: 1
Dwayne King: 1

Immunity Wins

Wataru Matsuda: 3
Tina Chell: 1
Sharon Keller: 1
Niles Marron: 1
Johanna Elliot: 1
Cristina Lozada: 1

Votes Received

Myra Coyle: 12
Johanna Elliot: 9
Paul Easton: 8
Tina Chell: 7
Ted Dutch: 7
Elena O'Brien: 7
Sharon Keller: 5
Rui-Lin Song: 5
Kendrick Parker: 5
Dwayne King: 5
Barbara Weeks: 5
Anna Hernandez: 5
Niles Marron: 4
Ali Bashir: 4
Wataru Matsuda: 2
Cristina Lozada: 1

Most Strategic

1. Ted Dutch
2. Sharon Keller
3. Niles Marron

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