Mahō no Mī which roughly translate to Magic Mii is the fourth mii game of ever and the third one to be worldwide. It was released in August 2020. The opening is Luminous by ClariS which plays during the opening cutscene.


One day the Shadow King was bringing negativity to Miitokyo so your miis alongside gachable miis join forces to bring back peace to Miitokyo.


Your Miis

The Leader

The Nerdy One

The Charming One

The Sporty One

The Shy One

The 6th Ranger

Gachable Miis

See list of Gachable miis for more detail


Shadow King





Transformation Trinket - A device created by sakura to transform you into a Magical Girl/Boy this is drawn out by the player at the very beginning

Attack Item - A weapon also drawn out by the player at the beginning both are able to be named

Gachamii Machine - A machine to gacha miis from rarity rates from 1-5⭐ miis

Ultra Power-Uper - a device used to activate a powerup form (ex. Butterfly mode) this can also br named as well as the power up


The game was secretly leaked on a youtube video soon made private to avoid what they're making.

You can visit the Mahō no Mī countdown here

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