Malolo is a tribe from Mii Survivor: Ghost Island. It was picked by John on Day 2. Their color is orange.

They had a shaky start, losing 4 original members, but at a tribe expansion, they managed to go undefeated, but once the tribes merged, they were in the minority, but the Final 3 had 3 original Malolos due to Naviti’s lack of challenge and strategic ability, as well as the surprise quit of Jeff on Day 35.

Picking Order

Mii Order Picked
John Captain
Shon 1st
Marcia 3rd
Abi 5th
Lauren 7th
Dylan 9th
Chrissy 11th
Ernesto 13th
Maria 15th
Skye 17th


Bold= Malolo member, Italics= Naviti member

Bold= Swapped Malolo member, Italics= Swapped Naviti member


On Day 2, the two oldest castaways, John and Nara did a schoolyard to determine the tribes. John picked for Malolo. They lost the first 2 immunity challenges. Skye was voted out for being very much dead weight to the team and not contributing to the challenge. Maria then seemed like a target, but Chrissy, desprate, told a speech on why she must stay, only to be voted out.

All swapped members hated being on this tribe, with it's multiple losses, and Jeff even threw his Malolo buff on the ground. The swapped Malolo had Abe, Abi, Dylan, Ernesto, Jeff, Lauren, Marcia, May, and Shon. At the first-post swap Tribal, Abi played an idol on Dylan, and Shon was voted out instead for his perceived untrustworthiness.

At a tribe expansion,  the expanded Malolo had Abe, Clara, Ernesto, Jeff, and John. They were undefeated in challenges.

They eventually merged with Naviti and Yanuya.


  • This tribe has 6 girls and 4 guys.
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