She is a CPU Mii. She is good at sports.

Wii SportsEdit

In Tennis, she often plays with Xeh-been. Her skill level is 6. In Baseball, she has an awesome skill level of 1,000,000,555,444,333! She hits the ball with a speed of 4832 km/h (3002 mph) up into space. In Boxing, she uses Gold Gloves and can K.O. you with 1 puch! Her skill level is 999,888,123.

Wii Sports ResortEdit

In Table Tennis, she has an awesome skill level of 123,456,789. The speed of the ball is 3899 km/h (2423 mph)! She uses a golden racket. In Basketball, her skill level is unknown. The only thing we know is tat she uses a Silver ball. 1,000,000 is her level is Swordplay. She uses a Green-Orange striped sword.

Wii PartyEdit

In Wii Party, she is an Advanced Master CPU.