This Mii is canon. That means this Mii actually exists in the Wii Sports/Wii Sports Resort/Wii Sports Club games.

Not to be confused with Meg, Meggy, Megen, or Nugget.

Gender Female
Favorite Color Green
Level Swordplay: 206-210

Basketball: 71-75

Table Tennis: 71-75

Cycling: 91st out of 98

Average: 120

Megan is a CPU Mii from Wii Sports Resort and Wii Party. She is the worst mii and is ranked #100 out of the Wii Sports Resort CPUs, by overall skill level. Her Total Skill Level is 384.

Wii Sports Resort

Megan is the worst CPU, showing the worst skills, even worse than Martin, Cole, and Fumiko. In Swordplay, she is at 206+ (the 14th worst player) and doesn't strike very well. In Table Tennis, Megan is at only 71+ (the fifth-worst player) and is quite slow. In Basketball, Megan's team is the fifth-worst. Her skill in Basketball is again at 71+ (the 5th worst player) and plays with Nick and Andy. She is the eighth worst at Cycling, coming in 91st out of 98.

Wii Party

In Wii Party, Megan is a Standard Mii.


  • Megan isn't a Pro at any sport in Wii Sports Resort, like Sandra, Chika, Luca, and Cole, nor is she even good at any, not even Cycling (which even Cole does average on).
  • Megan has the lowest average skill level out of the Wii Sports Resort Miis, at 120.
  • She also has the lowest Total Skill Level, with 384. She and Cole are also the only 2 Miis whose Total Skill Levels are less than 1000.
    • They also have the same mouth.
  • Her Japanese name is メガン (Megan).
    • This is identical to her English name.
  • Her Korean name is 매그 (Maegeu / "Mag").
  • In both Table Tennis and Basketball, Megan is the 5th worst player.
  • Megan is the worst Female Mii in Basketball not to be on Miguel's team.
    • She is also the worst female Mii in Basketball to debut in Wii Sports Resort.
  • Megan appears in 12 Swordplay Showdown Stages. She appears in stages 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 15, 18, 19, and 20.
  • Even though Megan doesn't wear glasses, she doesn't use the default values for them. They are both moved down and decreased in size by two stages. This could suggest that she was originally planned to wear glasses, but they were removed.
  • In Table Tennis, Megan is left-handed.
  • Her name comes from the Latin origin, meaning "pearl".
  • She is the 5th worst in both Basketball and Table Tennis.
  • Megan is the worst Mii in Wii Sports Resort in general
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