HAA 0039
Title Meromy
Gender Female
Favorite Color Green
Level Basketball: 88,888

Table Tennis: 77,777

Swordplay: 66,666

Meromy is a Mii in Wii Sports Resort. She likes Merome very much. Her favorite color is green.

Wii Sports Resort


Her skill level is 88,888 and uses a Gold Ball. Her team players are Merome and someone.

Table Tennis

Meromy's level is is high at 77,777. She hits the ball in 3 times the speed of sound (3,600 km/h / 2237 m/h). 


Her level is around 66,666 in that game, and can throw you out with only 2-3 hits.

Wii Party

Meromy is an Advanced Master CPU in Wii Party.

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