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Not to be confused with Michael or Michael Jordan. Michael Tutori is a CPU Mii.

Wii Music

He was an unused CPU in Wii Music.

New Wii Sports

Nintendo decided to bring back Michael Tutori as a CPU Mii in the New Wii Sports series. In Tennis, Michael Tutori's level is 101204. In Baseball, Michael Tutori is an absolute god. His level in that is 103010 and has a team of Miis. He appears on the teams of Meggy, Carl Wheezer, Greg Heffley, Northwest, Jocelynn, Bathaniel Nandy, Jack, and Ariella. In Boxing his level is infinity.

New Wii Sports Resort

In Basketball his level is 11848 and plays with Meggy and Tari. In Table Tennis his level is 11848. In Swordplay his level is 11863.