Mii Survivor is a set of BrantSteele Survivor simulators hosted by YoungArtist79.


Each season involves Mii characters marooned on an island where they must provide food, shelter, and water for themselves. There are reward challenges, and the winner gains useful items. There are also immunity challenges, and the loser has to vote someone off.

Eventually, the tribes merge, and will compete for individual immunity from being voted off. Most miis voted out after the merge form a "jury", and they vote for the Mii most deserving to win. The winners win the "Sole Survivor" title, an all-expenses paid trip to Wuhu Island, and 1 million Tomodachi dollars.

It is common for a season to have "twists", or changes in the core rules, to maintain the unpredictability of the game.

There is a reunion at the end of each season, where the cast discuss their experience on the show, with 5 castaways getting a “hot seat”. The Fan Favorite award is presented to the most popular contestant of the season, and they win $500,000, while the runner-up wins $250,000 and the third placer wins $100,000. A teaser for the next season is revealed at the end.


A contestant may apply or be recruited by production. To apply, Mii makes a video and presents it to production. Recruits are told to make an audition tape by production, either online or in person, to be put into consideration. To get on, a Mii needs a valid passport, as well as not be a felon, and must pass a medical exam. The applicants and recruits are listed in the table below.

Season Applicants Recruits Linked to loved one (BVW only)
Worlds Apart (15/18 applied) HNI 0002 (1)AvaCarrieColeDACot.JPGDwayneEriFumikoGavinHaruHotakaLauraHNI 0012TedTitanVicky

Abby, Ava, Carrie, Cole, Dwayne, Eri, Fumiko, Gavin, Haru, Hotaka, Laura, Percy, Ted, Titan, Vicky applied


Akira, Jaslyn, Owen are recruits

Blood VS Water (8/10 pairs applied)

ArianaConnieHiromichiJennaHNI 0070HNI 0068HNI 0066X

Ariana, Connie, Hiromichi, Jenna, Molli, Reed, Simon, X applied for the pairs


Gretchen and Lukas were recruited for the pairs

HNI 0069AshtonHNI 0065DukeHNI 0071HopeHNI 0067MaliNovaTerry

Alex, Ashton, Chris, Duke, Elaine, Hope, Ichika, Mali, Nova, Terry are linked to their loved ones.

David vs. Goliath (15/20 applied) HNI 0044 (2)HNI 0043HNI 0037HNI 0046HNI 0035 (1)HNI 0038HNI 0048 (1)HNI 0047 (1)HNI 0049HNI 0041HNI 0042HNI 0051 (1)HNI 0034 (1)HNI 0036HNI 0053 (1)

Aidan, Angelina, Antonio, Charles, Chase, Coco, Danielle, Frank, Junichi, Leo, Ray, Rhonda, Sally, Tomomi, Yuri applied

HNI 0045HNI 0040LynnYA79HNI 0052 (1)HNI 0039

Bethany, Elmore, Lynn, Shigeru, Vicky are recruits

Ghost Island (16/20 applied) HNI 0088 (1)HNI 0098 (1)HNI 0089 (1)HNI 0099 (1)HNI 0090 (1)HNI 0100 (1)HNI 0091 (1)HNI 0005 (1)HNI 0092 (1)HNI 0093 (1)HNI 0094 (1)HNI 0095 (1)HNI 0096 (1)HNI 0007 (1)HNI 0006 (1)YA79Steve

Abe, Abi, Bo, Chrissy, Clara, Dylan, Jeff, Maria, May, Nara, Peyton, Rochelle, Shaun, Shon, Skye, Steve applied

HNI 0001 (1)YA79JOhnLaurenHNI 0004 (1)

Ernesto, John, Lauren, Marcia are recruits

YA79 Miis vs. IAA2 Miis (14/20 applied) AriellaCammiCathyMiiChristineCristyDanicaDaveRamsey2HerbJonRachel CruzeRickRyderYA79TomXavier-2

Ariella, Cammi, Cathy, Christine, Cristy, Danica, Dave, Herb, Jon, Rachel, Rick, Ryder, Tom, Xavier applied


Amy, Leo, Misy, Rylee, Siebold, Wilbur are recruits

YA79 Miis vs. IAA2 Miis Again (14/20 applied) BrookeBryan06ChristopherClare06ElizabethEmeliaMiiEvan06Cesca06Gonta06Johnny06Leo P MiiNuggetRobert06Samantha06

Brooke, Bryan, Christopher, Clare, Elizabeth, Emelia, Evan, Francesca, Gonta, Johnny, Leo P., Nugget, Robert, Samantha applied


Gary, Mira, MrBeast, Paris, Tula, Zach are recruits

Reunion Island (0/1 applied) Brian07 Brian, the only newcomer, was recruited


All seasons take place in Survival Islands, a secluded set of islands neighboring Wuhu Island. Survival Islands has 3 campsites, a challenge site, the Tribal Council area, and a main ocean (for water challenges).

Season Winners

Season Winner Runner(s)-up Third place
Worlds Apart LauraLaura GavinGavin JaslynJaslyn
Blood VS Water HNI 0067Ichika HNI 0069Hiromichi

Alex, Hiromichi

David vs. Goliath HNI 0034 (1)Sally LynnYA79Lynn HNI 0043Angelina
Ghost Island HNI 0098 (1)Abi HNI 0100 (1)Dylan YA79JOhnJohn
YA79 Miis vs. IAA2 Miis RyleeRylee RickRick MisyMisy
YA79 Miis vs. IAA2 Miis Again Bryan06Bryan Cesca06Francesca Tula06Tula
Reunion Island JaslynJaslyn ColeDACot.JPGCole FumikoFumiko

Fan-Favorite Award Winners

Season Winner Runner-up Third place
Worlds Apart TitanTitan GavinGavin EriEri
Blood VS Water HNI 0065Chris HNI 0067Ichika HopeHope
David vs. Goliath HNI 0034 (1)Sally HNI 0044 (2)Aidan HNI 0039Vicky
Ghost Island YA79JOhnJohn HNI 0088 (1)Abe HNI 0094 (1)Peyton
YA79 Miis vs. IAA2 Miis WilburWilbur RickRick DaveRamsey2Dave
YA79 Miis vs. IAA2 Miis NuggetNugget Johnny06Johnny EmeliaMiiEmelia
Reunion Island EriEri GavinGavin ColeDACot.JPGCole


  • The idea for this was "wanting Miis to compete to be the best"
  • As said above, these simulators are entirely made in BrantSteele.
  • Only women have become the Sole Survivor so far.
  • Abi is the oldest winner at 40, while Rylee is the youngest at 22.
  • Sometimes, child Miis compete, but Age-O-Matic spray is used on them so they can do as well in challenges as the adult Miis, as well as to act less childish.
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