Mii Survivor: Exile Island  is the eighth season of Mii Survivor. The teams are initially divided by age and gender combined. The Blood VS Water cast returns for this season.

An unpredictable season which had many alliances and idol plays which heavily impacted the elimination order. Reed strategically dominated the game, and won over Gretchen and X's inferior games with an 8-1-0 vote against them.


  • Four Tribes: For the first time, the castaways are divided into four tribes, containing five members each.
  • Tribes Divided by Age and Gender: There are four tribes. Blastoise (Younger Men; Alex, Chris, Duke, Hiromichi, Reed), Charizard (Older Men; Ashton, Lukas, Simon, Terry, X), Venusaur (Older Women; Ariana, Connie, Gretchen, Ichika, Nova), and Raichu (Younger Women; Elaine, Hope, Jenna, Mali, Molli)
  • Exile Island: Returning from the previous season, after a Reward Challenge, players may banish a player from the rival tribe to Exile Island. This island will force the banished player to fend for him/herself until the upcoming Immunity Challenge (unless stated otherwise). The player would not be left in despair, for he/she will be given clues to a Hidden Immunity Idol that is hidden somewhere on the island.
  • Buffed Hidden Immunity Idol: One is found on Exile Island, and can be used after the votes are read.
  • Tribe Switch: On Day 7, the four tribes became two. Charizard and Venusau were dissolved, with the 18 remaining contestants spread into the new Blastoise and Raichu tribes with nine members each.
  • Double Tribal Council: On Day 15, both the Blastoise and Raichu tribes were forced to visit Tribal Council to eliminate one of their own.
  • Mutiny: On Day 19, the tribes were offered to switch tribe affiliations, and Jenna took the mutiny.
  • Message in a Bottle: After losing the Day 24 Immunity Challenge, the losing tribe received a sealed bottle with a note that can only be read after the Tribal Council elimination. The tribe assumed it was a note about instructions about the upcoming merge. But much to their shock, the note instructed them to vote out another member of the tribe.
  • Delayed Merge: Because of the sealed message in a bottle twist, the tribes were merged with nine members.



The Miis were split into four tribes. At first, the Miis did little strategically. Ashton rubbed Charizard the wrong way, and was voted out. After a dispute with Reed and Hiromichi, Hiromichi was voted out.

The Charizard and Venusaur tribes were dissolved with a twist, and the new Blastoise had Alex, Connie, Elaine, Hope, Ichika, Jenna, Molli, Nova, and Reed. The new Raichu tribe had Ariana, Chris, Duke, Gretchen, Lukas, Mali, Simon, Terry, and X. Chris was voted out, due to the drama he caused in his last season. Being bad at challenges, Nova was next out. Elaine was next out, due to her secret communication with Lukas. At a double tribal council, Jenna seemd to be going, but played the buffed idol, sending Alex home. Blastoise "kidnapped" Terry of Raichu, rendering him immune. Ariana was next, for her poor challenge ability.

At a twist, it was announced Miis could switch teams, and Jenna switched to Raichu to get with Duke, as well as feeling bullied by Blastoise. Mali was voted out, for her poor challenge ability. Connie was voted out, due to being too cowardly, and due to a twist, they voted someone out again. This was Ichika, due to winning last time, and Hope's idol play.

The 9 remaining Miis merged, and Terry was voted out for his unpredictability. Hope was next, due to her challenge ability. Molli was next due to being a threat in S2. Jenna was next, due to her challenge ability. The next out was Duke, for running the game. The Final Vote Off was Simon, for his challenge ability and niceness.

At the Final Tribal Council, X was criticized for not making as much significant moves as Reed, as well as his bossy attitude, and got 0 votes to win. Gretchen did well with jury questioning, but could not counter Reed's strategic game, and only Simon voted for her. Reed won, due to his great strategic game, niceness, making to the end despite making it far in season 2, and being less sardonic.

At the reunion, Reed was Fan Favorite, with Hope and Simon as runners-up. Reed discussed his pair winning again, Hiromichi discussed being out early, Molli discussed Reed being "sunnier", Jenna discussed the power couple of her and Duke, and Gretchen discussed Ichika's downfall.


Episode Reward winner Exile Island Immunity Winner Voted out
1 none Jenna Blastoise, Venusaur, Raichu Ashton (4-1)
2 none Ariana Charizard, Venusaur, Raichu Hiromichi (4-1)
3 none Gretchen Blastoise Chris (4-3-1-1)
4 Blastoise Simon Raichu Nova (6-3)
5 Blastoise Mali Raichu Elaine (5-3)
6 Blastoise none none Alex (1-0)

Lukas (3-3-1)


7 none Hope Blastoise Ariana (4-2-1)
8 Blastoise Jenna Blastoise Mali (4-3)
9 Raichu Connie Raichu Connie (3-1-1)

Ichika (2-0)

10 none none Hope Terry (6-3)
11 Duke Reed Reed Hope (6-2)
12 Simon (Invited Jenna and X) Gretchen Jenna Molli (4-3)
13 X, Simon, and Duke Jenna Gretchen Jenna (4-2)








Duke (3-2)

Simon (3-1)

Reunion none none Reed (Sole Survivor) X (0 jury votes)

Gretchen (1 jury vote)

Jury Votes

X Gretchen Reed


  • This is made from a S14 BrantSteele Sim.
  • Rather than use the default tribe names, YA79 named the tribes himself again. The name meanings are listed below.
    • Blastoise, Charizard, Raichu, and Venusaur, are the Kanto Starter pokemon.
    • Mewtwo, the merged tribe, is the name of a legendary pokemon!
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