Mii Survivor: Reunion Island is the seventh season of Mii Survivor. It pits one newcomer against 18 seasoned players.

After winning challenge after challenge, Xerneas was the dominant force of the game. The 3 Yveltal members in the merge did little to change the game, and Jaslyn won for her balanced game over Cole's social game and Fumiko's lack of gameplay in a 8-1-0 vote.


  • Haves vs. Have Nots: The castaways (after they had been divided into tribes) would compete for the right to the luxurious camp in the first episode that all nineteen helped to build, the losing tribe would move to a new camp with the very basic of materials.
  • Odd-Numbered Cast: The cast was determined at an award show. The 18 Worlds Apart Miis won "Best Mii Reality show lineup" but superfan and award show attendant Brian announced his dream to go on, so a producer surprised everyone by making him and the WA miis the cast for S7.
  • Exile Island: After a Reward Challenge, players may banish a player from the rival tribe to Exile Island. This island (entirely separate from the existing camps) will force the banished player to fend for him/herself until the upcoming Immunity Challenge, unless stated otherwise. The player would not be left in despair, for he/she will be given clues to a Hidden Immunity Idol.
  • Message in a Bottle: A message forced the winning tribe of a pre-determined challenge to choose between keeping the luxurious camp or keeping immunity.
  • Tribe Switch: A Schoolyard Pick was conducted between two captains to determine the new tribes. After the pick was done, the captains would then draw buffs to determine which tribe they would be members of.
  • Post-merge Tribal Challenge: In the first round as a merged tribe, the group split into two teams of five. The winning group would be immune from Tribal Council under the rules of tribal immunity..



At an Emmy award show, Brian and the 18 WA Miis were announced as the cast. All 19 Miis helped build camp, and on Day 3, the Miis appointed a leader picked the two tribes, and was sent to Exile Island. Ted was appointed leader, and the Xerneas tribe had Brian, Carrie, Cole, Dwayne, Eri, Gavin, Haru, Jaslyn, and Percy. The Yveltal tribe had Abby, Akira, Ava, Fumiko, Hotaka, Laura, Owen, Titan, and Vicky. Xerneas won immunity, plus a luxury camp all 19 contestants built, while Yveltal was directed to a new camp with weak supplies. Hotaka was too strategized too early and voted out. Owen played an idol, and Titan was voted out for forming a secret alliance with Abby. Owen's actions haunted him, and at the very next TC, he was voted out. After an intense argument, Vicky was voted out. After Xerneas gave up immunity for their luxury camp, Dwayne was the lowest-ranking member of Xerneas after Gavin persuaded him everyone to vote him off. Akira isolated himself again, and was voted out.

At a schoolyard tribe swap, Jaslyn was unpicked and exiled, and the new Xerneas had Brian, Fumiko, Percy, Abby, Haru, and Gavin, while the new Yveltal had Laura, Cole, Ted, Eri, Carrie, and Ava. Ted's bossiness led to his demise, then Eri was unanimously voted out for being a threat to win. Then Ava for her alliance with Haru.

At the merge, the Xerneas camp was stripped of its luxury. Gavin was voted out, due to him being a huge threat. Haru was then voted out for being athletic, and Carrie was idoled out for her strategic nature. Immunity and social threat Brian was voted out after Cole betrayed him. Percy was voted out then, after he was too bossy. Then, annoying threat Abby was near-unanimously voted out. Then, previous winner Laura was on the outs and voted out.

At Final Tribal Council, Fumiko got no votes for her lack of gameplay and coattailling. Cole was praised for making it far despite being second out in S1 and his social game, but was criticized for lack of strategic game. Jaslyn ultimately won for balancing social game with physical game and strategy.

At the reunion, Eri was fan favorite, with Gavin and Cole as the runners-up. The hot seats went to Cole, Dwayne, Jaslyn, Brian, Carrie, and Laura. Cole discussed going from 17th to 2nd, Dwayne and Fumiko announced they were now married, Jaslyn discussed making Day 39 twice, Brian discussed being the sole newcomer, Carrie discussed being "sunnier" in this season, and Laura discussed the haves and have-nots.


Episode Reward winner Exile Island Immunity winner Voted out
1 Xerneas Ted Xerneas Hotaka (5-4)
2 Xerneas Fumiko Xerneas Titan (2-2)


3 Yveltal Percy Xerneas Owen (5-3)
4 Xerneas Ted Xerneas Vicky (4-3)
5 Xerneas Abby Xerneas (Gave up immunity) Dwayne (5-4)
6 Xerneas Fumiko Xerneas Akira (4-2)
7 none Jaslyn Xerneas Ted (4-2)
8 Yveltal Percy Xerneas Eri (5-1)
9 Xerneas Jaslyn Xerneas Ava (3-2)
10 none none Haru, Cole, Jaslyn, Abby, Brian Gavin (3-2)
11 Cole (Invited Abby, Carrie, and Percy Laura Brian Haru (6-3)
12 Brian, Laura, Fumiko, and Percy Jaslyn Fumiko Carrie (3-2)
13 Jaslyn, Laura, and Percy Cole Abby Brian (5-2)
14 Fumiko, Cole, and Jaslyn Abby Abby Percy (5-1)








Abby (3-2)

Laura (4-1)

Reunion nond none Jaslyn (8-1-0) Cole (1 jury vote)

Jaslyn (no votes)

Jury votes

Fumiko Cole Jaslyn


  • This is made from a S14 BrantSteele Sim.
  • Rather than use the default tribe names, YA79 named the tribes himself again. The name meanings are listed below.
    • Xerneas and Yveltal, the initial tribes are boxart legendary pokemon of Pokemon X & Y.
    • Wooloo, the merged tribe, is the name of the best pokemon!
  • The way the cast was determined is similar to the the Total Drama World Tour cast was determined, as the contestants were surprised with news they (and a newcomer) would be the cast for the upcoming season.
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